Recipe Review: Sheet Tray Shrimp and Potatoes with Lemon

Original recipe from Real Simple. I tore it out of the magazine and brought it back to Montevallo with me. Eventually I’ll copy it into my recipe book.

Can I give this recipe the award for most awkward title ever? Because it totally deserves it. I keep tripping over the words when I try to say them, so I’ve just resorted to saying, “That shrimp thing with the potatoes.” Not quite as elegant, but desperate times call for desperate measures. (Plus, it’s really hard to say the name of the dish when you’re drunk.)

I invited my friend Heather over to help me experiment with this, and we were honestly surprised as how delicious it turned out to be!

20170911_203104The main thing we did differently is that we used far more than what the recipe calls for. Instead of using 1.5 lbs of the small round potatoes, we used three large baking potatoes, skinned and diced. Both of us love potatoes, and she had some she needed to use up, so why not?

Next, I julienned the bell peppers instead of cutting them into planks. I really should have then cut them in half, but oh well. I learned for next time. I sliced up the green onions, then Heather sliced the lemons super thin while I was on the phone with my mom, and we placed everything on the tray.

The next step is to coat with 1/4 cup of olive oil, then 1 tsp of red pepper, and then the salt, and bake it all for 20-25 minutes. We went with the 25 minutes option because I wanted to be sure everything got cooked thoroughly, since we’d put a lot more on the tray than the picture from the original recipe.

After it had baked for 25 minutes, we pulled it out and put the thawed shrimp on top. I decided to use medium shrimp instead of large shrimp, because they were cheaper. The tails were left on because, again, cheaper. You add the rest of the olive oil and salt, and then grind some black pepper over it, and pop it back in the oven. We put it back for ten minutes instead of five minutes, because our shrimp weren’t all the way thawed.

20170911_212127You could hear the sizzling from the oven while we were sitting on the couch in the living room! It was so hard to wait for this. As soon as the alarm went off, we pulled it out of the oven, grabbed a spatula, and dug in. And let me tell you, this was amazing. It recommends you keep some lemon in reserve to squeeze over the dish, and I certainly recommend that as well. You wouldn’t think lemons + potatoes = yum, but it certainly does!

This dish gets a 4/5 star rating, with a highly recommended tag. It’s a super simple and easy dish, and we probably would’ve had leftovers if we hadn’t been so hungry and ate so late. We ate dinner, talked some, and then finished off the rest of the tray.

The only thing I would do differently next time is that I would add the green onions when I add the shrimp, so they don’t get so blackened. I would also add some broccoli. I thought about doing it this time, because I had some to use up, but didn’t for some reason.


  • easy to make
  • very little clean-up
  • cheap
  • super filling
  • you can add more veggies as you like
  • pretty healthy (contains several veggies and a starch and a protein)


  • could use more veggies

Honestly, I couldn’t think of anything bad to say about this, except that it seems like it could use just a little more something. Next time, I’m going to make some rice and serve this over rice, because I feel like that would make it a complete dish.


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