Characters I Would Team Up With to Rule the World

There’s always an element of speculation involved when you read a book. “Would I get along with this main character?” you ask yourself. It’s usually gonna be a yes or a no answer. But what about if you were planning on getting along with a villain? This week’s topic still comes from Shanah @ Bionic Book Worm, so head on over there if you want to see what others are saying.

If your goal in life is to take over the world, I’d suggest starting with Malta. It’s small and unnoticeable, and it’s got port access on all sides. (Or at least, that’s where one of my friends says to start your world domination plan.) But who would you bring along with you?


Artemis Fowl (The Artemis Fowl series)

Really, though: boy genius, with access to nearly unlimited funds, and with fairy power? Before Artemis’s turn to the relatively-good side, he was a dark and sinister figure whose only goal in life is to make as much money as possible. How much money would the ruler of the world have? A lot. After Artemis’s turn to the good, he becomes even more of a useful person to have on your team.


Count Olaf (A Series of Unfortunate Events)

Olaf has the good fortune to be living in a world where most of the adults are idiots. He runs a crime spree and manages to make everybody who comes in contact with him miserable. He’s also much more intelligent than most people would give him credit for, which the Baudelaire orphans find out to their displeasure. Once you get to the top, though, you’d have to watch your back, because there’s no telling how bored Olaf would get with being co-ruler, and would want to be the only one. He’s good for getting a leg up in the world, but I wouldn’t trust him much further than I could throw him. Get rid of him once you’ve made it to the top, or you’ll soon be facing a very long fall indeed.


Gwen (Magic 2.0 Series)

Gwen is the only magic user who seems to have any clue as to what she’s doing. She’s got her head on her shoulders, and she refuses to allow herself to be distracted by anything. She’s great at playing the low-profile game, and she’s great at figuring out puzzles. I feel like teaming up with her would be a lot like teaming up with a more technologically-inclined Wonder Woman. Gwen has the skills to get things done, and she’s great at planning. She might not want to rule the world, but after seeing what a mess the male wizards leave it in, she might be a little more persuaded to help out.


Captain Hook (Peter & The Starcatchers)

Honestly, the only reason Hook fails is that he’s the leader of a bunch of dunderheads. His second-in-command, Smee, is not much better than a teenager at figuring out how to do things. Hook knows what he’s doing, and he knows how to get there: he just needs some more brains behind his schemes besides his own. As with Count Olaf, though, you’d have to really watch your back once you made it far enough up the ladder, or you might find a hook between your shoulder blades. There’s also his distaste for baths, which you might find offensive. There’s no doubting he’s a cruel and malicious character, but if you need somebody to get something done, he’s your man.


Caine Soren (The Gone Series)

I’ve mentioned this series a lot in the past few weeks, haven’t I? Maybe it’s time for me to reread it (and finally finish it!) and put up a review of the first book. Caine suffers from abandoned-child syndrome, and has attempted to make up for it by becoming increasingly cruel and egotistical. He manages to become leader of the boarding school where he lives through pure malice, and he holds those beneath him in thrall through fear. He knows how to get what he wants, but don’t expect him to be very caring if something happens to you. He won’t purposefully get rid of you, but if you ever prove to him that you’ve outlived your usefulness, watch out.


I might have strayed very far from the intended purpose of this list (I interpreted it to mean villains, but I’m sure others might have interpreted it to mean any character), but I like the way it turned out. I’ve got two relatively good people and three serious villains on this list. I thought about rewriting it once I saw what Shanah & others had done with their lists, but decided I liked the way I wrote it out first. I’m not saying you could pick and choose a bunch of people from various books and make a team, but I decided “What if you could only pick one?” (Honestly, I’d probably go with Artemis Fowl.)

If you wanted to rule the world, who would you team up with to make that want a reality? Would it be someone you trusted absolutely, or would it be a slightly slippery character that you’d have to watch your back around, but that you know would not fail in their ascent to the top? Let me know in the comments!

And as always, keep reading.


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