Top 5 Spooky Reads for Halloween

Is this where I admit I don’t read horror books, psychological novels, or anything that might make me wake up screaming at night?


Oh. All right, then. Welcome to the newest installment of Top 5 Tuesdays, where your host (that’s me!) takes on another list idea from Shanah @ Bionic Book Worm. I hope you’re ready for something that’s not quite horror-centric, but more “Wait, is this really happening?” kinda stuff. Let’s do this.


2001: A Space Odyssey

I read this novel for a Stanley Kubrick class I took a few years ago (we had to read the book Kubrick based his film on and then compare the two). I don’t think you can find anything much creepier out there in space. When your HAL stops working, you’re kinda screwed.

The rest of the book is just…unsettling. If you ever watched the movie, I will say the book does it better. The ending is creepy as heck, and the entirety of the book is weird. I don’t know if I would call it “spooky” instead of “unsettling” or “disturbing,” but it’s certainly something to read around Halloween if you’re into sci-fi and you’ve already read Illuminae.


The Boggart

This book is more geared towards younger readers, so I wouldn’t necessarily call it “spooky.” It DOES deal with a boggart, though, and if there’s anything most people remember from Harry Potter, it’s what a boggart is. However, this boggart cannot be dealt with by imagining it’s Snape in a dress. This is a boggart that just wants to go home.

Younger readers will be delighted with the coming-home story that this book ends up telling. It’s really sad in the beginning, and at times it might be slightly frightening for these younger readers, but everything works out okay in the end. I think there’s even a sequel or two to this novel.


The Hollow

Imagine if you lived in the small town of Sleepy Hollow, which has become a tourist attraction due to Washington Irving’s story. That’s the current state of Abbey, the main character, whose best friend has just disappeared and everybody is assuming she’s dead. Throughout the story, Abbey meets a couple of people who aren’t who they appear to be, and ends up ruining a super expensive prom dress along the way. (Honestly, I was probably more mad about that than anything else.)

It’s a ghost story, but not incredibly creepy, just mostly unsettling. It’s still got a creep factor to it, but I found it very interesting. This is the first book in the trilogy, and while I haven’t read the final book yet, I did enjoy the first two and think they’re worth checking out. The main character also makes perfume, which is an interesting hobby for a main character to have.



This is a novel written by Frank Peretti and Ted Dekker, and it’s one of the creepiest books I’ve ever read. I’m still not sure how these people are considered Christian fiction writers, but this is a book that will scare the pants off of you. It’s a lot of real and psychological horror that will leave even the reader guessing as to whether everything just happened in the characters’ heads or if it really happened.

And if it did really happen… Yikes.

Other honorable mentions by these guys include Monster, This Present Darkness, and The Bride Collector.


Mostly Void, Partially Stars

Okay, so maybe this collection of Night Vale scripts isn’t the spookiest book out there, but it’s certainly got its fair share of spooky settings, characters, and stories within it. The fictional town of Night Vale knows how to set your teeth on edge, and keeps you guessing as to whether everything’s just in your head. This is the first “season” of scripts from WTNV, and while there’s already a second collection out, too, I’m hoping the third will come out soon. I don’t want an incomplete set!

Avoid wheat and wheat by-products, keep in mind that the adult man’s hand out there is just a student named Megan, and remember that mountains don’t exist. Welcome to Night Vale.


I told you, I don’t read very many horror novels! The only true “horror” novel I’ve read is The Shining by Stephen King, for that aforementioned Stanley Kubrick class.

I’ve got a weak constitution for horror, but if you’ve got something you think I might like, let me know in the comments!

And as always, keep reading.


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    1. It’s a movie?! I had no idea! My sister got it from somewhere years ago, and I don’t think she’s ever read it. I stole it from her shelf a few years back and read it, and I absolutely loved it. I think it’s cute!

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