Recipe Review: Vanilla Sugar Cookies

Original Recipe from Baking a Moment.

This past Sunday, I baked like three million cookies and two cakes (the cinnamon roll cake and my chocolate chip pound cake) for a bake sale for my university’s English honor society, Sigma Tau Delta. I baked three different types of cookies: chocolate chip cookies, vanilla sugar cookies, and chocolate sugar cookies. I’ll be talking about the chocolate sugar cookies next week, but this week I want to focus on the vanilla.

I ordered some Star Wars cookie cutters a few weeks ago, and was incredibly excited when I realized I could use them for the bake sale. I knew that super fun shapes would be much more likely to be bought than plain cookies, so I went to work on finding the best sugar cookie recipe that wouldn’t end up spreading and making the cookies look all wonky. (Literally, I googled “non-spreading sugar cookies” and found Baking a Moment.)

These sugar cookies are not too overpoweringly sweet (in fact, I found them a little dry at times), but they’re perfect if you’re going to put some sort of icing on them. I didn’t put any icing on mine, because I’m just not that talented. I’m sure if you are, these would be super easy to decorate.

In terms of holding their shape, these cookies were fantastic. They didn’t spread at all, and they didn’t puff up. I had perfect cut-outs of Princess Leia, R2-D2, C-3P0, Chewbacca, Yoda, and Luke (aka the X-Wing Pilot) sitting in front of me when I was done. They would be instantly recognizable to anybody who had ever seen even the briefest mention of Star Wars. That’s what I was going for.

If you’re going to make sugar cookies, I suggest investing in some sort of rolling pin guide. I don’t have one, but supposedly it helps you make your dough uniform. I did end up with some cookies that were way thicker or thinner than others, so some turned out more chewy while others were more crunchy (but only barely). It’s really up to you; if you think you’re able to measure just by eyeballing things, far be it from me to tell you what to do with your life.

I did end up chilling the dough a little bit at the end (already rolled out) because I couldn’t fit a million cookies on my oven sheet at once, but I think it worked out fine. If the dough gets too warm, the cookie cutters will start sticking to it, and that’s what you DON’T want.

Overall, I give these cookies 4/5 stars. They’re easy to make, don’t leave too much of a mess (although do be careful if you’re using a Kitchenaid mixer because IT WILL THROW FLOUR ALL OVER YOU), and they don’t spread. I feel like they could use a little more flavor (but I mean, they ARE just sugar cookies!), but they’re pretty much top of the line to me.

Let me know what you think if you try this recipe! And as always, keep reading.



  • easy to make
  • they don’t spread out
  • tastes delicious


  • doesn’t make a lot (although that really has to do with the size of the cookie cutters)
  • a little dry



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