Six Months of Blogging!

I honestly can’t believe what this blog has become in the past six months. When I first started blogging in April, I was blogging for myself more than for anyone else. Now I’ve got 70 followers and almost 130 posts (this will be 126!). I never could have imagined my blog would grow into something like this.

There have been some stumbles and some dark times along the way (this blog has now officially lasted longer than my last relationship, lol…ow), but I’m so glad I’ve met all of you wonderful people. I’ve got something to look forward to every day when I turn my computer on now, instead of just mindlessly wandering through the pages of the internet until it’s time for me to go to bed.

I want to thank each and every one of you for what you’ve done for me, even though none of you really know it. Thanks to you guys, each day gets a little brighter and it’s easier to get out of bed.

But enough of the sadness and gloom and despair. I may be an absolute pessimist, but that doesn’t mean I don’t know how to party! So to celebrate my blog turning six months old, here are six random facts about me that nobody knows yet (I hope?)!


One: I don’t like wearing pants

I dunno if you can call this a “real” fact or not, but I really don’t like wearing pants. I’d rather be wearing skirts or pajama pants (which totally aren’t real pants, mind you!). I’ve always had a thing for long skirts – I think people used to call them peasant skirts? – but it’s been only recently that I’ve gotten into midi-skirts. I think they’re the perfect length: they show off some leg and your awesome shoes while still covering you when you bend over. I’ve got no fears of bounding up the stairs while wearing these because I know they won’t swish too far!

Left: Howl’s Moving Castle dress (there are calcifers around the bottom). Right: Agent Peggy Carter dress.


I also own way too many Hot Topic dresses. I’m not even joking: I probably have about fifteen or twenty by this point. They’re so flattering and they’re subtly geeky, which are the two things I look for when picking dresses. Unfortunately, I can only afford them when they’re on sale.


Two: I still sleep with stuffed animals

I’ve always slept with stuffed animals, but which ones have changed over the course of the years. At my apartment, I have a Lil Bub plush, a Webkinz (never-activated) Calico Cat, and a stuffed cow named Doctor Moo. In my bed at my parents’ house, I sleep with a stuffed baby seal from SeaWorld and a round stuffed black cat. They’re a big comfort to me. I also sleep with like two blankets on me during all seasons, and I hate to be cold when I’m sleeping. Keep that air conditioning at 78* in the summer, please. I hate big electricity bills. It’s so stupid.

This picture’s from a few years ago, and my collection has only grown since then. 

We haven’t turned on the heat this winter so far, and I doubt we’re going to. I want to keep the heating bill down this winter, because I’ve spent way too much money retail-therapying myself (whoops) and I need to start saving up big time. That’s what fluffy blankets are for, anyway! Now if I can just get my landlord to fix the outlet in my bathroom so I can plug my heater in while I’m in the shower…


Three: I’m a huge gamer

It all started when dad gave me a GameBoy Advance for Christmas when I was nine years old. That summer, my cousin Matthew gave me a GBA cart of A Link to the Past, because he needed a second player for the Four Swords part of the cart. And the rest was history. I jumped on board that Zelda hype train so fast, ended up getting a subscription to Nintendo Power (RIP), and discovered my love of RPGs.

A picture from my old apartment of my console system setup

Last November, I bought myself an Xbox One because I was sad, and it was a really great deal. I haven’t touched my consoles in a bit (since Tone left, actually) because I can’t bring myself to boot up the games that were there.

I’m working on building a gaming computer with a couple of my friends (nothing solid yet…but I hope to have one by January, maybe?) because I want to be able to play Skyrim or even just Stardew Valley or Risk of Rain without my computer trying to burn itself up. If you want to add me on Steam, I’m miraofmysidia! Go ahead! I haven’t had time to play all that much lately because I’ve been busy with school and work, but I’m hoping to start playing again soon.


Four: I was a military brat

I spent the first thirteen years of my life being shuttled around the world. Literally. I was born in Alaska, and then subsequently moved to Kentucky, Virginia, Kansas, Maryland, and Germany before settling in Alabama. I’ve lived in 10 houses with my family, and 2 apartments by myself. I’ve been to 10 different schools (if you count Montevallo as a school…).

Mom, me, & my little sister Sarah in the Keukenhof Gardens in the Netherlands, March 2005

I loved the experiences I had, because most of the people I’ve befriended since my dad retired still live in the same house they lived in as a child. Most haven’t even been out of the country. A lot of them haven’t traveled further than the bordering states. I experienced the most amazing things while Dad was in the Army, but I think I’m done with moving. I want to pick some place and settle down. If my future husband wants to move somewhere, we’ll have to have a talk about it. I’m not above moving for jobs and things, but I’d prefer to stay somewhere near family if possible. I never got to do that as a younger kid, and I actually like my parents.


Five: I’ve got an unhealthy obsession with plants

Left to Right: Dracaena, African Violet, Lavender Sprigs, Green Onion, Peace Lily, & Purple Passion Plant

It all started when I got dumped last year. I bought a little flowerpot and some seeds and decided I was going to be a plant mom. And then my plant died because I left it at my mom’s house and she forgot to water it.

This time around when I got dumped, my sister took me to Lowe’s and I bought a bunch of other plants. I’ve now got a succulent (it was all dried out and I didn’t think it’d make it when I bought it), a White Angel plant (my sister was super jealous that I got the last one), a Purple Passion plant (I need to get some stakes for it!), a peace lily (rooted from one my mom got from her mother’s funeral…27 years ago), an African violet (it’s huge!), a draconae (which I got on clearance and might actually not be surviving…I guess we’ll see come spring?), some lavender sprouts (I think they’re not gonna make it, though), a clearance orchid (I hope it’s gonna bloom again), and some sort of pink house plant (that might be rotting from the inside out). I’ve got one more thing that I’m unsure of the name, too. I’ve also got a beautiful maroon mum outside, and a planter that has a mum and some pansies in it as well.

Clockwise from Top Left: Orchid, Dracanae, that weird red plant, & my succulent (I’ve since put that in a bigger pot, so don’t worry)

I bought a little watering can on clearance at Wal-Mart a few months ago, bought some fertilizer/miracle grow, and I spent Sundays making sure everything is happy and watered. I want to buy all of the plants. I’ve noticed that there have been many articles lately about millennials and their “plant obsessions:”

And so on and so forth. A quick Google search for “Millennials and Plants” will bring up dozens of other related articles. Some of them are quite interesting, if you’ve got the time to give them a read. One big thread that runs through it is that a lot of people start buying plants after a breakup. I guess that was my starting catalyst, too…


Six: I’m on the Creative Writing brochure for my college

Backstory: a few years ago (Fall 2014), my Advanced Creative Writing class had a photographer come in and take pictures. It was our understanding that the pictures would be used in advertising for the University of Montevallo sometime in the coming years. I ended up being on the English Department’s website for a few years, actually, with two different poses.

Last week, I discovered this:


Yes, that’s right. Your girl is on the brochure for the Creative Writing minor at Montevallo. I will go down in history for years to come. (I actually picked up a couple of them and I’m going to give them to a few relatives as bragging rights.) Unfortunately, I don’t get paid, even though I’m practically selling the program to them. Sigh.


And there we have it! I will admit it took me about five hours to come up with those last two facts. The sixth one was the hardest! Hopefully by the time my one-year blogging anniversary rolls around, I’ll be a little better organized.

My roommate and I just got back from the Ghost Tour, and I’m going to be working on writing up a short collection of Montevallo stories (and adding in a bit about my Halloween on there, too!) to publish on Monday.

Have a great night, y’all. Thank you for so many memories, and here’s to many more months together.

And as always, keep reading.




One thought on “Six Months of Blogging!

  1. Somebody that was special to me once gave me a plant, and I treasured and took care of it for many years, even after our relationship ended. Then one day the pottery it had been in broke, it had become too big, and I realized that it was time to move on. So I got rid of it. I now regret getting rid of that plant. But it made me think of that relationship and that plant when you mentioned your relationship to plants. Thanks for the memory trigger.

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