Recipe Review: Chocolate Sugar Cookies

Original Recipe from Baking a Moment.

Remember last week when I told you I made like a million cookies for a bake sale my English honor society was holding? Well, I not only made regular sugar cookies but I also made chocolate sugar cookies. They were by and far the best seller out of the sugar cookies.

These cookies taste incredible. They’re just the right balance of sweet and chewy. They do leave a bit of a dry feeling in your mouth, but I chalk that up to the amount of flour that goes into these things to keep them from sticking to everything. Just drink a lot of milk and you’ll be fine!

Unlike the vanilla sugar cookies, however, this cookie dough WILL STICK TO EVERYTHING. I had the hardest time getting the chocolate cookies to work with the cookie cutters, and it took a lot more dough-chilling than I had with the vanilla cookies. To combat the stickiness, I added more flour to the dough (which actually left me with some sandy/sticky dough at the bottom of the bowl, but whatever) and rolled out the cookie dough and chilled it.

The secret to getting good cookie-cutter-cuts is to make sure the dough is not thicker than  your cookie cutters. Otherwise, the cutters will just suck up the dough and you’ll have to try and carefully pry it out to put it on the baking sheet.


I found these cookies to be even better than the vanilla sugar cookies. When I make this recipe again, though, I’ll end up doubling it, because it doesn’t make anywhere near the amount of cookies that the vanilla recipe does. I give this recipe 4/5 stars, because while it’s great, the sandy after-taste is a little off-putting. Also, the dough is so much stickier than the normal cookie recipe.

Y’all, I went through almost an entire 5lb bag of flour in the past two weeks with all the baking I’ve done. I’m done, y’all. And I’ve wiped out my cocoa and vanilla reserves. I’VE USED SO MANY EGGS.

If you try this recipe (AND YOU SHOULD!), let me know what you think of it!

And as always, keep reading.



  • super chocolatey
  • easy to make
  • best seller


  • very sticky
  • only makes half of the vanilla recipe
  • slightly dry



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