The Hobbit Book Tag!

*fangirl screaming*

I’ll just say that I absolutely love The Lord of the Rings. It’s become my favorite book series since I started college (previously, that honor went to either The Edge Chronicles or A Series of Unfortunate Events). I’ve even taken a class on JRR Tolkien. I may not be as serious a fan as some (I’m sorry, but I just can’t get through The Silmarillion!), but I love it all the same. So when I came across this Hobbit book tag on The Withering, I knew I had to do it. Are you ready? (Because this is the longest book tag I’ve done yet. Hope you’re ready for some rambling!)


Which hobbit do you relate to most: practical Merry, lighthearted Pippin, loyal Sam, courageous Frodo, or impulsive Bilbo?

I think I relate most to Sam. If you were to ask me what my weakness is, I’d say loyalty. In most respects, that’s not a bad thing. In terms of abusive relationships, however, it is. I’ve spent a lot of time staying loyal to people who did not deserve my loyalty. Maybe someday I’ll figure out the right balance between loyalty and independence, but I’m not all that sure.

I do know that I see things through to the end, no matter how hard they are.


Are you afraid of spiders?

Afraid? No, I’m not afraid. I’m terrified. I don’t know how it started (maybe watching my mom freak out over spiders?), but it’s bad. Like, I have two cans of bug spray in my house: one in my bathroom and one in the kitchen, so I always have some on hand.

This is why I need a boyfriend/need to get married as soon as possible. I need someone on hand to kill all of the bugs. But mostly the spiders. And cockroaches. *shudder*


Are you more likely to be under-prepared and not have a handkerchief handy when your allergies flare up or be over-prepared and walk all the way to Mordor with an entire set of pots and pans clanging around on your back?

I’m the one who is always over-prepared for anything. Everything. I’m pretty much the Mom-Friend of the group. I’ve got emergency candles in my room, first aid kits everywhere, extra towels in my closet, and even blankets and stuff in my car in case I get stranded. I know what it’s like to be unprepared and I know I’ll never be the one who’s like that again.


What is your Elvish name?

Apparently, I’ve got several. You can click on each name to see which generator I used to get it.

Alatáriël Silimaurë.

Silmariën of Belfalas.

Galasriniel. I like this one. Literally means “crowned with plant.”


Are you part of a best friend duo like Frodo and Sam and Merry and Pippin or are you a loner like Bilbo?

I’m a loner. I’ve got a few great and amazing friends, but none that I would consider to be the other half of a best friend duo. (Apologies to those who think we are…I’m just clueless sometimes.) I like hanging out with people, but I prefer to be by myself. Before all my other friends graduated, we were a group of five. Although whenever I’m dating someone, they usually become the second half of that duo. And I love it.


What size shoe do you wear?

I wear a Women’s 8. Sometimes a 7.5, depending on how big or small the shoe is.


If you had a choice would you live in Rohan, Gondor, or the Shire? Or… Mordor?

I’m someone who loves comfort, food, and gardening, so the only rational place I’d fit in would be The Shire. I’m far too tall to be a hobbit (despite being on the short side for humans), but I’d want to live in the Shire.

They like to eat, they like to give presents (and I love giving presents!), and their gardens are beautiful. I feel like my green thumb would really bloom if I were surrounded by people who love flowers as much as I do. I just can’t keep flowers alive like my mother does, but I’m trying as best I can.


What is the farthest off anyone has ever guessed your age to be?

Do little kids count? The kids I taught in the summer of 2016 thought I was like 70 years old. Others thought I was like 12. Both numbers were huge to kids who were only six years old.

I’m often mistaken for the younger sibling when I go out with my sister, for whatever reason. I don’t think I look like the younger sibling, but I dunno.


Does your personality match your stature or belie it?

I’m not sure what my personality is, but I’m a slight person, so perhaps it does match it?


What is your favorite riddle?

I’m not a big fan of riddles, or puns, or anything like that. I guess that makes me a bit of a boring person, huh?


Do you wear any rings?

I have to wear rings. I’ve worn some for so long that it feels weird when I don’t wear them. I have a rose gold spinner ring on my left index finger (that has actually helped me stop my “hand flapping” nervous tic since I got it!) and I wear a thin black band around my right middle finger (I got it in Trafalgar Square in London in 2016).

I’ve worn a few other things through the years, but they were always tied to exes, so they’ve been retired to a drawer where I never have to look at them again.


Would you be more likely to embarrass yourself by making a speech and forgetting what you were going to say or dancing on the table and falling?

Considering I don’t like to draw attention to myself, I’m more likely to embarrass myself by making a speech. I don’t like getting up in front of people, and I’ve taken only two speech classes in my college career (both were required to graduate).


Do you ever feel like butter?

More often than one would think it. I feel like I’m stretching myself too thin most of the time. There’s too much going on, and I don’t really like the way I’ve got my life set up right now. I feel like I need a long holiday, like Bilbo.


If you were a hobbit, what would your name be?

According to this name generator, it’s Myrtle Brambleburr of Bindbale Wood. Not bad. I think I’d fit very well into the hobbit lifestyle. I know I’ve got the eating part down. I just have to get better at the whole gardening part. I would love to be a hobbit.


Do you like fireworks?

I love fireworks. I love staying up late to watch them on New Year’s, and I wish it hadn’t been so dry this summer because I would’ve set off some of my own. It’s always a struggle here in the South because we always have major droughts during the summers.

When we lived in Germany, my bedroom window overlooked downtown Mainz, and watching the fireworks on New Years was my favorite thing to do. There were so many of them and they went on for hours and hours.


How do you feel about trilogies?

If you can’t get everything you want into the first book, go ahead. If you’re just needlessly dragging it out, don’t do it. If your first book is better than the last two put together, you’re doing it wrong. (I’m looking at you, Inkheart.) I feel a bit like Bilbo on his pony here. I’m not exactly happy about it, but I’m going to take the thing until the end. (I’m stupidly loyal, remember?)


What is your favorite poem?

Honestly, I’m not a fan of poetry. I know, it’s a travesty. I’ve never been interested in poetry, probably because I was forced to read and analyze it to death in high school and during my undergrad years. I’ve never been able to write it, either. I’ve got a post about poetry sitting in my drafts, but I doubt I’ll ever finish it.

If I had to pick something, I guess it’d be something along the lines of Shel Silverstein. I like funny poems, not really things that make you think.


Do you want to see mountains, Gandalf?

I’ve seen mountains, I’ve hiked mountains, I’ve driven up and down mountains… I’ve seen so many mountains. I prefer going to the mountains over going to the beach. In fact, I’ve got an opportunity to go to the mountains again in March, and I think I’m going to take that opportunity. It’s only going to be about $120, and it would get me away from things right before I graduate.


Can you swim?

Of course. I’m not as good of a swimmer as I was when I was younger (I used to spend all summer in the pool at my grandma’s), but I’m still pretty good. Unfortunately, I don’t get to swim as much as I want to.


You’re Frodo. You need eight fictional companions to journey with you to Mordor. Who do you pick? They cannot be from Lord of the Rings!

I feel like this needs to be its own post! Why are there so many questions in these things, and why do some of them require a ridiculously long answer while others are just one or two words?!

I’d pick:

  • Conor Broekhart (Airman) – because everyone needs a mechanically-inclined genius on their hands
  • Henry (The Last American Vampire) – what else would stand in the way of an immortal vampire?
  • Mark Watney (The Martian) – he can tell dangerous plants from safe plants…plus potatoes!
  • Harry Creek (The Android’s Dream) – secret agents with serious training, why not?
  • “Saint” George (Ex-Heroes) – super heroes should always be on your team
  • Marcia Overstrand (Magyk) – the ExtraOrdinary Wizard + someone who doesn’t take stuff from anybody
  • Fili & Kili (The Hobbit) – you never said they couldn’t be from The Hobbit!


What is your Recurring Short Person Dilemma?

I’m not tall enough to get things off of high shelves, or even shelves that are just a little taller than I am. This combines with my lack of upper arm strength, so I’m not very good at this whole thing.


If you could marry a kind of food, what would it be?

How about no. But if I had to choose, either pasta or dessert.


Okay, so the amount of time my terrible internet took to load the gifs and allow me to properly insert them into here was more than twice the amount of time it took me to write my responses.

As always, I’m supposed to tag other people in this thing, but I’m leaving it open to anyone. If you would like to do this tag, please link back to me or let me know that you did it! I hope you have as much fun as I did.

And as always, keep reading.

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