The PopSugar 2018 Reading Challenge

So here’s the deal. With the exception of 2011, I’ve never set a “reading goal” each year. In 2011, I wanted to read 100 books I’d never read before, so that meant while I could reread some books, the majority of the books I read had to be brand new to me. I worked in a library over the summer, so I was easily able to complete this goal. I ended up reading about 250 books before the year was over. Now, obviously I can’t do that any more, because I’m in school (at least until May!) and I’ve got a job.

Enter the Popsugar challenge. I’ve noticed it popping up on some other blogs, and realized that this would probably be a great way to get myself back into the swing of actually reading things that weren’t required for class. (Of course, I’m going to attempt to fit my class books into here somewhere!) So this is my official I’m hopping on the bandwagon post!

I’m not only going to do the 40 regular books from the challenge, but I’m going to attempt the advanced challenge as well, bringing my total up to 50 books for the year. I’m more than confident that I’ll be able to finish the entire challenge.

What’s next, then? I’m going to start working on a reading list. There are some helpful printable lists on Popsugar that I’ve already printed out and am working on filling out. Once I’ve got a passable reading list, I’ll write another blog post about this.

I know this was a very short post, but I wanted to go ahead and see how many of you are going to be working on this reading challenge in 2018 as well. Let me know in the comments, and take a look at the list linked above and let me know what you’re thinking of reading!

And as always, keep reading.


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