Recipe Review: Chewy Chocolate Cookies With Peanut Butter Chips

I made a lot of cookies last week.

Like, a lot of cookies. Chocolate chip, white chocolate macadamia nut, and these chewy chocolate cookies with peanut butter chips. (Try saying that name five times fast!) Since I got this recipe from the back of a bag of peanut butter chips, I’m just gonna give you a picture of the recipe here for you to look at!

Recipe for Cookies

That doesn’t look too hard, does it? It’s really not! It’s very simple. Just mix everything up together, throw it on a baking sheet, and let it bake. I followed the directions for the cookies, but there’s also a recipe included for a brownie-like pan bake as well as ice cream sandwiches.

However, I found that the “recommended” baking time is way off. The first time we baked the cookies, after nine minutes, they ended up looking like this:


Okay, so they looked good…but they were completely raw in the middle. Absolutely inedible. The first time around, it took us 20 minutes to bake the cookies through, because we’d taken them out of the oven and let them cool for a few minutes before discovering they were raw.

Therefore, the one change I would make to this cookie recipe would be to tell you to bake the cookies for fifteen minutes instead of 8-9. You should certainly check on them at the 9 minute mark, but if they’re still shiny, that’s a no-go. The discrepancy in cooking time was one small mark against the cookies, but there’s a far larger one…



It has to be the cocoa powder. The only other cookie dough I’ve found to be this sticky were my chocolate sugar cookies. These were a nightmare to scoop, even after we’d left them in the fridge/freezer. I highly recommend you refrigerate this dough overnight, or leave it in the freezer for a bit before attempting to put it on a sheet! Otherwise, you’ll just be struggling with sticky cookie dough, and that’s a frustrating experience nobody needs.

Overall, though, the cookies were amazing. (They were even better the next day – they stayed soft in the bag overnight!) They’re great warm or cold, so take your pick!


  • easy to make
  • delicious
  • keeps well
  • recipe makes a huge batch (like 50+ cookies!)
  • raw cookie dough tastes great, too!


  • the dough is really sticky
  • the cooking time varies greatly from what the directions say

I would give this recipe 4/5 stars. It’s amazing and delicious, but fighting with the sticky cookie dough put a damper on my experience with them, and the cooking time snafu almost led me to throw in the towel. I even asked my mom what she would rate them, and she said the same thing: “Four out of five, because the cooking time was wrong and the sticky dough is awful.”

Will you be trying this recipe? Do you have any tips for making the dough less sticky? Let me know how it goes!

And as always, keep reading.



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