Top 5 Authors New to Me in 2017

Wow, y’all. I want to start off this post by humbly apologizing for completely disappearing on you. Even though I’ve been free from anything school-related for almost two weeks now, I somehow haven’t found the time to blog anything. I even missed last week’s T5T! I’m here to remedy my long (to me) absence. I can’t promise that I’m going to be super active during December (it’s a crazy month for anyone!), but I’m going to at least try to get the last few Austen novel recaps up and finish out my T5T and give a couple more recipes.

Are you ready?

Anyway, this week’s T5T (hosted by Shanah @ Bionic Book Worm, as always) is Top 5 Authors New To ME in 2017. Some of these authors you might roll your eyes over…but remember this is mine.

Without further ado, here we go!


Jane Austen

HOLD IT! I told you, I’ve never read any books by Jane Austen before this semester, although I did read the Pride & Prejudice & Zombies novel when it first came out. I hadn’t even watched any Jane Austen movies before this semester! (I can hear my roommate wailing in anguish…) But I’ve managed to read the majority of her novels (there were a couple I did not finish…unfortunately), and I pulled off an A in the class  this semester, so I think I’m qualified to say she’s a new-to-me author…


Brian Jacques

I have become obsessed with the Redwall series by Brian Jacques. I read one of the books and got started hardcore on the series this summer. I own about half of them right now, and I’m hoping to collect the rest of them sometime soon. You can read my review of the first book, Redwall, here.

I’ve also watched the first two seasons of the Redwall TV series from the early 2000s and I’ve found it to be pretty dang close to the books. I’m working on the third seasons right now. Unfortunately, only three seasons were made. I would love to see a remake of this with the technology we have today. (The animation is not all that great…)


Bill Bryson

I took a class on psychogeography (the Writer as Walker) a few years ago, and promptly fell in love with it. I then took a class on National Parks & Public Lands in 2016, and that came with a week-long field trip to the Smoky Mountains. It was fantastic. I also read Wild by Cheryl Strayed and several other travel narratives. I picked up A Walk in the Woods either in a thrift store or in the free book box in the English Department and promptly fell in love. Bryson’s style of writing is phenomenally witty and informative at the same time. I have a couple of his other books, but I haven’t opened them yet. I’m looking forward to reading more of his work in the upcoming year.


John Scalzi

This man’s writing is also witty (watch out for the The Android’s Dream, which is my favorite Scalzi book!), but it’s also complicated and deep and the twists throughout are going to keep you on your toes. I love his plots, and I love the way he manages to weave his own brand of humor throughout it all. If you don’t do anything else this year, read The Android’s Dream. Please.


Audre Lorde

While she’s not a fiction author, she is – or, rather, was – an incredible women’s rights activist, especially for W/POC. I had to read her collection of essays, Sister Outsider, for one of my classes in the spring semester, Gender & Sexuality, and I loved it. I ended up citing three or four in my final essay for the class (which I got an A on, btw). It’s a fantastic book with a great perspective, and I hope you take the time to pick it up in the future.


So you’ll notice every single name on this list is older. Heck, Brian Jacques is from the 1990s and earlier! Since I quit working at the bookstore, I haven’t kept up with new book releases as much. I’m hoping I’m able to pay more attention to new releases next year. I also tried to stay away from a lot of the super popular books this year (but I did ask for Six of Crows for Christmas, so I’m trying!) because I didn’t want to review every book that everyone else was reading, you know?

So what authors did you discover this year? They could be new authors, or they could be authors that are only new to you. Let me know in the comments!

And as always, keep reading.


10 thoughts on “Top 5 Authors New to Me in 2017

  1. Great list! And there’s nothing wrong with taking a break from blogging and other responsibilities. It’s nice to just not have to worry about anything for a while! I hope that the time away from things is helping you re-energize!
    Thanks for participating – added you to the list 🙂

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  2. Great list, I also discovered Bill Bryson pretty recently and I find his writing really funny! I think my favourite of his so far is Down Under…I had literally never been interested in travelling to Australia before but after reading it, I would really like to go someday! 🙂

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