Recipe Review: Cinnamon Cream Cheese Rollups

Original Recipe from Kylee Cooks.

This is a recipe that I’ve made several times over. It’s very simple, with only six ingredients and a prep time of maybe 5 minutes, 10 minutes tops. The majority of the time, you’re going to be waiting for them to cook in the oven.


Not only is this recipe incredibly simple, but pretty much anyone can handle it. I have a notebook that I write all my recipes down in, because I like having things written out in front of me and I don’t like printing out a bunch of pieces of paper and attempting to keep them corralled together. A few weeks ago, when I was still deep in the second week of me being sick, I had a date night with Steven. I helped with dinner, but had a 103º fever by the time dessert rolled around, so when he asked me what I wanted, I handed him the notebook, told him I wanted that, and he disappeared into the kitchen.

Y’all, I love this man.

Within thirty minutes (you gotta allow time for trial and error), he had six roll-ups ready to go. (He split the recipe in half because I was so sick and could barely eat anything.) They were the most delicious thing I had ever tasted.

The recipe is very simple. Cut the crust off the bread, flatten bread with rolling pin (or liquor bottle…), spread filling in the bread, roll bread up, dip bread in butter, roll bread in cinnamon sugar. It’s pretty much foolproof. Then you throw everything in the oven for 20 minutes until golden brown. That’s it.

If you’re a fan of anything even remotely cinnamon-y, or if you love cream cheese, this is going to be an ace recipe for you to attempt. (And YES, you do have to cut the crusts off the bread; otherwise, you’re gonna get a weird crust flavor.)

I’m going to be generous and give this recipe five stars. It’s absolutely amazing, very simple to make, and it’s something you could even make for breakfast if you’ve got the time. (Now I’m honestly wishing I’d picked up a loaf of bread at the store the other night so I could make these for breakfast/dessert…)


  • easy to make
  • easily cut in half or doubled
  • you won’t be able to eat just one


  • you’re likely to run out of filling before you run out of bread
  • gets messy dipping things in the melted butter and rolling them in the sugar
  • you won’t be able to eat just one
  • little hard to wrap them tight



2 thoughts on “Recipe Review: Cinnamon Cream Cheese Rollups

    1. We got iced in this weekend, and I was so upset that I didn’t have any bread because I had everything else I needed to make these!! And these are so fantastic and you will want to eat them for every meal. They also reheat pretty well!!!


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