The Liebster Award

A very, very long time ago (December 22, to be precise!), I was nominated for a Liebster award by the wonderful Malanie @ Malanie Loves Fiction. I promptly caught the worst sickness of my life and was pretty much bedridden when I wasn’t at work for the next three weeks. I am finally, finally over whatever hellish strain I caught, and all I’ve got left is a cough. I figured since I was finally getting my blog back in the upswing, this was the time to remember that I had been nominated for an award. I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to get this done! Since I am finally doing this in 2018, I am going to follow the 2018 Liebster Award rules, which you can find here.

First of all, thank you to Malanie. Your blog is absolutely wonderful, and I do apologize that it’s taken me so long to return the favor for you. If y’all are looking for another book blog to follow, please check her out ❤


Why I Love Blogging

Now, as per the new rules of the 2018 Liebster Award, I need to do a small bit about why I love blogging. I love blogging because it opens up a whole new world for me. I’m a very introverted person; I don’t really talk to anybody if I can help it. (Working retail is a nightmare because of this…) I like to be left alone and enjoy being by myself (or with Steven). However, on the internet, it’s an entirely different story. I can interact with people over writing, which has always been my preferred method of communication. I can investigate new books, and read other peoples’ opinions on said books. There’s a community here, a real sense of community, and while I haven’t been able to ingrain myself in the community as well as I would like (I’ve also fallen out a little I think because of how little I wrote on my blog over the winter break), I know it’s there and I really love being a part of it. I’ve tried blogging before, but it’s never worked out as well as this one has. I’m so grateful to everyone out there who has kept me going.


11 Random Facts

  • Out of all the countries, you have visited, which one did you like the most?
    • I would have to say England. I am absolutely in love with the country and its history, and I love the fact that you can walk down medieval streets that almost look the same way that they did all those centuries ago. A close second would probably be Germany. I actually lived there for three years, so I don’t know if it technically counts as one I’ve “visited,” but I love it for the same reason: the history is so rich, and the towns are so beautiful, and there is something for absolutely everyone.
  • What is the most extreme thing you have ever done?
    • I live a very boring life. I don’t do heights, I’m not a fan of the ocean, etc. Therefore, I would say the most “extreme” thing I’ve ever done is a bar crawl. I know, I know, it’s absolutely boring. It was an ugly sweater bar crawl, took place back in December. And I got absolutely hammered. I forgot to eat before the crawl started, and even though I can usually have 10+ drinks and be fine, that night something went very wrong and I got very sick, lol. I’d say that was the most extreme thing I’ve ever done. On the plus side, the guy who would eventually become my boyfriend was there and I owe him my life, for the most part.
  • If you can take someone with you in your travels, who would it be?
    • This is an easy one. I’d take Steven. We went camping together along with a group of friends back in November (and one of those friends asked Steven, “Are y’all married or just dating?” when we hadn’t even talked to each other about dating at the time…awkward), and it was so much fun. Both of us have very similar interests, and both of us love to travel. He’d be the one taking the pictures, I’d be the one figuring out how to get us where we wanted to go… I think it would work out very well.
  • Bike or Train?
    • It depends on where you’re going, and what city you’re in. If it was New York, I’d say a bike. (I think they’ve got bike lanes?) Or really any city in Europe. Bikes are the way to get around. I would absolutely love a bike in my small town on Montevallo, but I also don’t want to get one because I’m going to be moving in four months and I doubt I’ll be able to ride a bike where I end up. If you’re going somewhere pretty far, I’d say take a train. I love bikes, but sometimes the weather just doesn’t cooperate or your destination is too far for you to comfortably bike there, unless you’re someone who thinks the Tour de France is light exercise.
  • What/Who inspires you to travel this world?
    • The world itself. History. I want to learn everything there is to know. I’m absolutely fascinated by back stories. How did this town come to be here? What’s the story behind this castle? Who’s buried in that shallow grave next to the road? There are so many things you can learn while traveling, and I think just traveling for the sake of traveling is amazing. I want to visit everywhere. I want to see everything. I want to experience the world. That was one of the better things about being in a military family when I was younger; I got to see the majority of Western Europe while we lived in Germany, and I loved it. I want to go back. I want to back so bad.
  • What is the best memory that you have while travelling?
    • This is such a hard one. There are so many great memories that I’ve made while traveling. I think I would say getting to the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, though. I am terrified of heights, but the tour group was going to go, and my sister said I needed to go. So she dragged me 1,000 feet above the Paris skyline. And it was gorgeous. I wish the day hadn’t been overcast and rainy, but sometimes that’s the price you pay in Europe in the spring. I also wish I had bought a celebratory glass of champagne at the top of the tower, but now I know champagne is really nasty and I would’ve wasted $10. The entire trip was wonderful.
  • If you could give someone $1,000,000 who would you give it to?
    • My parents. It could help them get a little place in the country, with some woods and maybe a little pond. Somewhere they could retire.
  • Apple or Samsung?
    • Samsung all the way. While I appreciate Apple and what they’ve done for the smartphone world, and while I absolutely LOVE my MacBook, I could not deal with that interface on my phone. I love my Galaxy S8, which I got at the end of last year, and I love being able to customize every single aspect of my phone. Samsung is just better. Apple has always seemed a little cult-like to me.
  • What is the scariest thing you have experienced while travelling?
    • I don’t think I’ve really experienced anything scary while traveling, which makes me really lucky. I do remember, when we were in Italy in March 2016, it was so close to the Paris bombings that the soldiers were walking around with automatic weapons. They weren’t in your face, but they certainly made their presence known, and that was very scary to me. At the same time, I knew I would be safe.
  • Name the top 3 most beautiful beaches you have visited:
    • I hate the beach. Absolutely freaking HATE the beach. I hate sand, I hate water, I hate creatures that live in the water. So I’m going to change this question to the top three most beautiful mountains I’ve visited:
      1. The Smoky Mountains. I know this isn’t a single mountain, per se, but I absolutely love going to the Smokys. It’s been far too long since I’ve been there. I’ve got an opportunity to go this spring, and I’m seriously considering taking it, but it would require me to miss a class and three full days of work. It would only be a $120 trip, though, which is less than three days of work. So I think I might end up on the better end of things…
      2. The Alps. Again, this is a mountain range, but the Alps are just gorgeous. There is a resort called Edelweiss Lodge & Resort in Munich, Germany, that I visited with my family several times. It was absolutely breathtaking. My favorite part was when we visited in the winter, and we could sit in the hot tub outside while it snowed. The snow melted a good foot above the water, and getting out was a nightmare, but it was  such beautiful scenery.
      3. Mount McKinley. This is in Alaska, and while I don’t remember it directly, my parents have pictures of me on the mountain when I was a baby. You see, I was born in Alaska (military child!), and I lived there until I was about eighteen months old. I got to experience a lot before I was old enough to walk!
  • How did travelling change your life?
    • Traveling changed my life because it made me so much more aware of what else was out there in the world. It opened my eyes to other cultures, to other experiences, to things I never would have known had I not had the privilege to travel. If money was no object, I would just travel all of the time. I especially want to go to Japan. That’s my dream, sometime in the future…


Nominated Blogs

So, as part of the award, I get to nominate anywhere from five to eleven blogs to receive this award for themselves. This is always the part of awards/book tags/etc. that stresses me out the most. What if someone doesn’t like being nominated? What if someone takes offense to the fact that I did not nominate them? It all just seems like a huge mess.

  1. Kristin @ Kristin Kraves Books
  2. Aditi @ Dreamy Reads
  3. Gianna @ Gianna & Gemini
  4. Elke Silvarain
  5. And you! If you’re reading this, consider this a nomination. Just remember to link back to both here and The Global Aussie when you’re done!

I look forward to reading your answers!


So You’ve Been Nominated – Now What?

Well, I’d suggest head over to The Global Aussie and read the rules for the 2018 Liebster Award. Then come back here, pick up the questions below, and answer them on your own blog. Then you’re well on your way to finding five more bloggers to spread the joy of this award to.


Questions for You

One of the interesting things about the Liebster Award is that the recipient gets to come up with eleven questions of their own for their nominated blogs to answer. I chose to answer the default questions, as Malanie did not give me straight questions to answer, but I wanted to make sure that those I nominated had an interesting set of questions all their own. Without further ado…

  1. If money was no object, what country would you move to for the rest of your life?
  2. What is the one thing you want to be remembered for?
  3. If you were forced to give up one of your five senses (hearing, touch, taste, smell, sight), which one would you give up and why?
  4. Would you rather have a garden or a pool in your backyard? Why?
  5. If money and job prospects were not an issue, what would you have majored in in college? If you ended up majoring in what you loved the most, why did you choose that major? If you could go back and change things, would you change anything?
  6. What was your first CD? Or, if you’re older than CDs, what was your first cassette? 8-track? Or maybe you’re younger, and I need to ask what the first album you bought on iTunes was…?
  7. What celebrity would you make immortal? You can either choose someone currently living or someone who is already deceased. (We have the technology to rebuild them…)
  8. What fictional robot would you want as a friend/companion?
  9. What famous landmark do you think is overhyped?
  10. If you could hybridize a fruit, what would you create?
  11. And, finally, what book do you think is way too overhyped and you would secretly be glad if all copies in the world suddenly disappeared?


Wow! That was quite a long post. Sorry, didn’t mean for it to get so out of hand. I hope that you enjoyed reading a bit about me, and that if you’ve been nominated, you have as much fun writing up your answers to my questions as I did. I hope you have a wonderful day, and thank you so much for sticking around.

And as always, keep reading.



5 thoughts on “The Liebster Award

  1. Congrats on the nomination and thanks for nominating me! I am such an introvert myself, I don’t think I have ever done something really interesting in my life. Also I’ll probably do this tag a bit later if that’s fine with you.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. aw thank you Lauren ❤ and the flu has been going through my house exactly like the plague so I can appreciate your struggle!!!!!! also, I adore the smoky mountains too!!! that place has the most gorgeous, fresh trails and delicious food. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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