Top 5 Books that Lived Up to the Hype

Welcome back to this week’s edition of Top 5 Tuesday! Can you believe that today’s the SECOND T5T for March? Where the heck did February go? January lasted all of six years and now suddenly it’s March? Gah!

Anyway, Shanah @ Bionic Book Worm is the reason for these weekly memes, and this week’s topic has to do with books that I’ve read that lived up to the hype surrounding them. This is actually really hard, because I can think of so many books that did not live up to the hype, but thinking of ones that did is for some reason more difficult. I’m gonna try anyway though.


#5: Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

I got this as part of a box set for Christmas, not really thinking that I would end up loving it as much as I did. (Unfortunately, due to school, etc., I haven’t had time to finish it. I’m almost done though! Promise!) I had avoided this book for nearly a year (I started seeing it on my WordPress Reader soon after I started my blog in April 2017), and then asked my mom for Christmas because I knew it was a hardback set and I didn’t have that kinda money. I was way more than pleasantly surprised at this book. It ended up being one of the better books I’d read in 2017. Certainly worth hopping on the hype train about.


#4: The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah

I picked up this book on a whim at BAM when I worked there because I loved the pretty cover. I ended up recommending it to pretty much everyone that came through my line for the next six months that I worked there. I brought it home and let my mom read it, and it’s one of the two books that she consistently recommends to people at the library where she works.


#3: Nimona by Noelle Stevenson

So this is a graphic novel, but I consider graphic novels literature because they’re just amazing. My only complaint about graphic novels is that the good ones are just too short. But Nimona…Nimona is amazing. (Still too short. I’m hoping for a sequel!) The characters are so expressive and the storyline is different, and the fusion of medievalish weaponry and futuristic technology is great. There really aren’t words enough to describe how amazing this book is, so I suggest you pick it up for yourself. I also like Stevenson’s Lumberjanes, if you’re looking for a longer comic to read!


#2: Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

So technically when I read this book, it wasn’t on the hype train yet. Now that it is firmly on the hype train, I’m going to go ahead and blast it. This book is that weird love letter to the 80s video games that nobody really plays anymore (except those few hardcore gamers that can’t move past them) but everyone has a deep nostalgia for. There’s also a treasure hunt involved, and if there’s anything that people like, it’s a treasure hunt. While there are some flaws in the book (namely the love interest and how Wade interacts with most other people), I still find it a really interesting novel and I think it deserves its place on the hype train.

(Psst: The only reason it’s currently on the hype train is that there’s a movie coming out very soon. THE MOVIE WILL BE GARBAGE. All I’ve seen are the previews and I can already tell you that the movie is going to be a steaming dumpster fire. That is all.)


#1: The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

I feel like I’m cheating by putting this here, because I read this book before it became super hyped. The book came out in 2006, and I read it in a creative writing class in high school in 2008/2009 (I can’t remember the semester, but it was my sophomore year), and then suddenly after that I remember recommending it to people and them saying that they’d already read it. It seems to come in waves on book blogs, though, like it will die down for a while and then somebody will drag The Book Thief back up and everyone will start talking about it again, and more people will jump on the hype train. Regardless of the amount of hype surrounding this book, you should read it.


I really hope there’s a T5T topic in April that has to do with 5 books that weren’t worth the hype/didn’t live up to the hype/whatever she’s gonna call it. Because I found so many books on the GoodReads “Hype” list that I just want to blast to Kingdom Come. (I’ve got a major problem with several books that causes me to see red whenever I see people recommending them…)

Do you agree that the books I’ve placed here deserve their position on the hype train? Are there books that I’ve written about that you want to see kicked off the hype train? Let me know in the comments!

And as always, keep reading.



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