Wait — It’s Been a Year?!

Welcome, one and all, to my one-year anniversary celebration! It’s a little late, but that’s okay. It’s nothing really big, either.

On April 28, 2017, I finally took the leap on something I had been thinking about for a while. I had seen other people blogging, had thought about doing it for myself, but I didn’t know where to start.

I decided to start with a name. I came up with about three dozen names and looked them over, but realized that only one of them seemed to fit: Books are Only the Beginning. It felt the most true to me. Books were only the beginning of my life: they helped me expand out to my nerdiness, etc., and now I’m a well-rounded nerd all the way around. I also wanted to tie the title into my blog’s theme, and I decided that I would do book reviews and recipe reviews and maybe some ramblings on life…which is why books were only the beginning of what I wanted to write about.

I had such grand plans. Life got in the way along the way, and I notice now that my most successful blogging months were those when I was suffering from heartbreak so intense I never thought it would end (with me writing 27 entries in both August and September and 30 in October). I slacked off in December, and I really slacked off in April, because it seemed like everything in life was hitting me at once!

However, with the publication of this post, I’ve reached 199 posts on WordPress!

I’m here to tell you that I’m hopefully here to stay. I don’t want to go ahead and commit to writing 31 entries in the month of May (in fact, I think it’d be a little silly to do so, when I’ve been away from the blogosphere for so long!), but I do want you to know that I’m working my way through my 10,000 word challenge pretty easily! We’re only three days in and I’ve already written over 3200 words as of this sentence right here (at least on the blog; the thesis work is still bottomed out).

I started this blog with the intent of writing pretty much only book reviews and some recipe reviews here and there, and it’s transitioned into so much more, really living up to that title. While I’ve certainly slacked off on all of the reviews over the past few months (I haven’t had time to read anything!), I’m happy to say I’ve got something planned for the future now. I’ve found it’s always good to have a plan. I’ve enjoyed writing the Top 5 Tuesday posts that Shanah comes up with every week. I’ve enjoyed trawling through the WordPress reader to find some new Book Tags to work on. I participated in one reading challenge (#TheReadingQuest), and I think I’m going to have to give up on the PopSugar 2018 challenge, because we are nearly halfway through the year and I’ve read maybe seven books in that time (most of those being required reading), and nothing that fits into the categories on the list. (Yikes.)

I’ve bought so many new books over the past few months. They’re all in boxes right now as I await moving into my new apartment (did you miss my update post?), but I’m hoping to use my new bed-shelf (there’s a bookshelf built into my headboard!) to hold all of my TBR books so I can keep an easier track of them.

I’m so glad I met this community. While I may not have reached certain milestones yet (which I blame on my lack of participation the last few months), I’m still really enjoying everything I’ve been doing. And that’s the best part. If you’re not having fun, why are you doing it at all?

So thank you, everyone, for my first wonderful year as a (mostly) book blogger. It’s been really wonderful, and I can’t wait to see what the upcoming year has in store.

Thank you for being there for me, even when I wasn’t always there for you.

And as always, keep reading.


Word Count:

Blog: 3,611/10,000 || Thesis: 0/10,000

3 thoughts on “Wait — It’s Been a Year?!

  1. I love this!! ❤ I'm coming up on my one year Book Blog anniversary as well!

    It is such a neat community and I love reading about everyone's bookish thoughts and plans! ((You have me beat on total posts – WOW! You go!))

    I love your word count!! Good luck with your thesis! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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