Recipe Review: (Grilled) Tequila Chicken

The original recipe is from The Official John Wayne Way to Grill cookbook, which I bought for my father as a birthday present several years ago. If you're looking for the recipe, simply follow the Amazon link and click "Look Inside" and search for the Grilled Tequila Chicken recipe. I'll be adding an image to … Continue reading Recipe Review: (Grilled) Tequila Chicken

Top 5 Character-Driven Novels

Welcome back to Top 5 Tuesday! You'll notice that I haven't been the best at keeping up with these lately. Mostly because I work on these when I don't actually have access to my bookshelves, and my GoodReads is so far out of date it's laughable. (And I don't have the time at the moment … Continue reading Top 5 Character-Driven Novels