Another Trip to Atlanta?

Yes, you read that right! I took yet another trip to Atlanta this weekend for — you guessed it — another X-Wing Miniatures tournament! This time, it was the Giga-Bytes Cafe Store Championship.

Steven & I added another person to our car for this trip, Joel Killingsworth, who runs the Birmingham Barons Podcast with Steven (and Andrew, who was in Texas this weekend and as a result is, in fact, lame). We left right after work on Friday, and ended up rolling into Atlanta around 10:00 ET or so, which wasn’t bad. We crashed at Nick’s place again, like we had in February, and got to be entertained by their dogs.

Saturday dawned early, and we ate breakfast at this little diner place near Nick’s apartment called Scratch. We managed to get to Giga around 11:15, fifteen minutes before the official start of the game. It was a ton of fun.

I was running this list:

  • TIE Defender – Countess Ryad (36)
    • Twin Ion Engine Mk II (1)
    • TIE /x7 (-2)
    • Predator (3)
  • TIE/FO Fighter – Omega Leader (27)
    • Multi-spectral Camouflage (1)
    • Juke (2)
    • Comm Relay (3)
  • TIE/SF Fighter – Quickdraw (37)
    • Lightweight Frame (2)
    • Special Ops Training (0)
    • Debris Gambit (2)
    • Fire-Control System (2)
    • Advanced Optics (2)
  • Total: 100 points

Round One: 27-100, Loss

I ended up facing Patrick D. (whose last name I’m not even going to attempt to spell), and it did not go well. He was running Rebel Dash-Nym, and unfortunately the bombs were just a little much for my little ships to encounter. I ended this one with a loss, but it could’ve been a lot worse.

Round Two: 100-64, Win

I ended up facing Patrick’s son, Logan, who was running Lowhrick-Rey, and I faced this same list and same dude at the Team Tourney and crushed him, so I was looking forward to a repeat. It wasn’t quite the victory I wanted it to be, as he killed everything except Quickdraw, but I think it went rather well, considering.

Round Three: 100-27, Win

I faced Joel Bishop at what is usually considered the Top Table (it’s where I lost spectacularly on-stream back in June), and crushed his list with no problems. I did end up losing Omega Leader this time around, but it could’ve been a lot worse. He had a Ryad, too, and I ended up flying circles (or, rather, straight lines) against him. You have to be patient and prepare your ships in the barrel.

Round Four: 35-100, Loss

I ended up the day with a 2-2 record, which isn’t bad (and I actually was higher ranked than Steven, which was my only goal for the day). The last match was against Sam Talley, who is undeniably the best X-Wing player in Atlanta as well as quite possibly the Southeast. All I wanted was to not go 0-100, and I ended up getting two of his ships before he blasted Ryad away at the last. It was not the bloodfest I was anticipating, and he’s a really cool dude.

Sam went on to play in the finals, along with the Joel we brought with us, Corey Slate, and a dude named Jeff, whose last name I can’t remember. Corey beat Sam, Jeff beat Joel, and then Corey demolished Jeff for the last round. I sat and played Octopath Traveler on my Switch because I got bored. It was apparently a great game, though.

I will say that having four rounds and a top four cut is immensely better than going five or six rounds in a day and having a top eight or even a top sixteen cut. I just can’t play that much X-Wing without my brain exploding!

We went to Taco Mac (again) to celebrate, and that wrapped up our day a lot sooner than we anticipated. We crashed at Nick’s once again, and headed out early on Sunday morning after having our customary Waffle House Send-Off. It was a whirlwind weekend, but I had a ton of fun.

I’ve made so many friends while playing X-Wing, although I’m usually the only one with XX chromosomes in the room during these tournaments. Occasionally another girl will show up, but the majority of the time, it’s just me. Sometimes that leads to less-savory X-Wing characters attempting to pull things over on me because I’m “just” a girl (see the Excelsior Store Championship for a tale about that!). The majority of dudes who play this game are super chill, though, and that’s awesome.

What’s next in X-Wing? Well, Steven & I are going to either Mobile or Montgomery on the 18/19 of August for another store championship, and then we’re going to Los Angeles in November for a championship out there (and turning it into a four-day vacation!). I’ll keep you posted!

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