We’ve Set a Date!

Okay, so that’s a title usually reserved for when someone gets engaged. I, however, am using it to announce the fact that I’ve set a date for my thesis defense!

My schedule is currently as follows:

  • September 14: Turn in draft of Critical Introduction
  • September 21: Second adviser meeting & turn in revisions of 90+ pages
  • October 1: Turn in finalized Critical Introduction & revisions to committee members
  • October 29 or 31: Defense!

And then I’ll be free until December 7, when I walk across the stage and graduate!

What is a critical introduction, you ask? It’s basically an 8-10 page paper describing the connections I’m making to the books I had to read and explaining my craft choices. Why did I decide that this book had to be told from Drake’s point of view? What did I borrow from the books on my reading list?

Another part of this project is that I have to submit for publication somewhere. I have two options in this:

  1. Search for a literary journal that accepts novel excerpts from YA/fantasy books
  2. Look into agents that have an interest in Fantasy or YA fiction

I don’t have to actually submit if I go with option #2 (mostly because my book is nowhere NEAR being done), but I do have to make a list of about five agents and possibly cover letters, etc., that would go to them were I to submit. I’m thinking I’ll probably go with option #2, because option #1 is slightly terrifying and I don’t even know where to begin. (So if someone out there has any literary journal connections, that would be awesome!)

I’m super nervous about this, because it’s a really tight schedule. However, it does leave me some time in case things go wrong. If something happens and I can’t defend during that last week in October, I have until the last week in November to defend. I’m going to have to take a half-day that day in order to get to Montevallo and prepare to defend, but it’s going to be worth it.

I’m almost there, y’all!

publishedI’d also like to announce that my short story has officially been published! I bought several copies of the book and have sent two to relatives and given one to Steven. (I thought I bought six but apparently we only bought five, so I’ll have to buy another one for myself soon enough.) My story is the longest one in the entire book (clocking in at just about twenty pages, whew), and, not to be biased, but it’s the best-written one in the entire book, too. I’ve finally gotten published somewhere outside of my university’s press, and that means my name is finally getting out there. This is just going to be the first of many I publish, so look out, world!

And as always, keep reading.


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