The Back-to-School Book Tag

Hello everyone, and welcome back to Thursday here at Books are Only the Beginning. This week, I met with my adviser about my thesis and learned that I have a terrifying two weeks to get the first draft of my critical introduction finished and three weeks to finish the revisions on the first 90 pages of my novel. Yikes.

It was then that I realized, for the first time in 19 years, I wasn’t going back to school this semester. You know how weird that is? I don’t have to wake up and go to class, I don’t have homework (aside from my thesis work, which I don’t count as homework), and I don’t have grades. All I have to worry about is finishing up three little things and I’ll be done with school forever.



Do you know how amazing that feels?

Anyway, today’s Book Tag is one I came across while looking through the #booktag hashtag in the Reader. I found it on Truesfxbooks216, and knew that it was especially appropriate considering the time of year. Ready?

English/Language Arts- Name your favorite Author’s (or Book’s) writing style.

Okay, I’m not 100% sure on this one. I like rather straightforward things, I don’t particularly like things that are too steeped in dialect (however, I love the Redwall series by Brian Jacques). I love the way JRR Tolkien writes (of course, he’s my favorite). This is actually a really hard question. Can you come back to me later?

Science- A book that really made you think or question things. 

Ooh, I just read one like this. Let’s put Irena’s Children on that list. The more I read about things related to World War II, the more I struggle to wrap my head around how the world allowed it to happen. I’m also very afraid that something similar is being kicked off in the US.

Social Studies/History- Your favorite book from a different period.

Let’s go with The Book Thief. (Although if you’ve been reading this blog, you absolutely knew that I was going to be bringing this up at some point in time.) It’s set in World War II, in the middle of it all, on a small street in Germany named Heaven Street. A girl, a boy, some books, and a whole lot of thievery. I’ve cried reading this, and I’m sure I’ll do so again at some point.

Art- Your Favorite Book With Pictures

This one is easy. Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld. The illustrations really bring the story to life, and the map in the front of the book is stunning. This one revolves around the events leading up to and of World War I, between the Axis  Powers (also called the Clankers, because they rely on technology) and the Allied Powers (the Darwinists, because they rely on genetically modified animals to replace planes/etc.). It’s a really intriguing retelling of World War I, and the pictures are phenomenal.

Drama- A book you would love to see turned into a movie.

Eragon. Now, now, hear me out. The first Eragon book was done so dirty by the movie theaters. I want to see someone out there pick this up again and follow it almost to the letter. There’s so much stuff that you could cut out of the books (descriptions, etc.), so the final result won’t have to sacrifice character development, etc. It’s been over ten years. I’d say that’s the right amount of time for a reboot.

Music/ Band- Name a character you think (or know) would have the same musical tastes as you.

Considering I listen to everything from Broadway soundtracks to Disney songs to Punk and most everything except rap/hip-hop, this is a difficult question. I’m assuming the Phantom would like Disney songs. (Can’t you see him singing to himself?)

Lunch-  A food from a book you would love to try.

Lembas Bread! I’ve made my own little version of it (and it was pretty filling, too!), but I’d want to try the real thing. It’s probably better that I can’t, though, because I’m sure I would go the way of Pippin and Merry and eat seven days’ worth in one sitting.

Bus Ride Home- A book or Author that is relaxing.

Relaxing? … I’m honestly wracking my brain trying to figure out what I own on my shelf that could be considered a “relaxing” read, but I’m 100% coming up blank.

Extra Credit- A book Someone else told you to read and you ended up enjoying it.

My Lady Jane, although I haven’t finished it yet. (I’m working on it! Only two books to go until I finish my thesis list, and I can start on my own stuff!!)

And as always, keep reading.


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