Podcasts: Birmingham Barons X-Wing Podcast

This week’s podcast is going to be something way more niche than the rest of the podcasts have been or will be. This week’s podcast is my boyfriend’s podcast, the Birmingham Barons X-Wing Podcast!

This is a podcast all about x-wing, which is a competitive table top game involving ships from the Star Wars universe (both extended and movies). I don’t have an official description (because Andrew is seriously lacking in putting something up on that), but I will say that you never know what each week will bring. They follow a general formula, such as a tip of the week, a review of what’s happened in the past week in x-wing, and a review of new articles that FFG has released, or maybe a recap of an event they’ve been to recently.

Each episode is about an hour, and in 2019 the podcast is switching from weekly to biweekly, where a podcast episode will be released every other week with streaming games on Twitch in-between episode releases. It’s something they’ve been toying with for a while, and the podcast is almost two years old now.

To be honest, I started listening to this podcast solely because I wanted a way to talk to Steven, and listening to his podcast seemed like a good idea, especially because we played at the same comic shop (RIP Excelsior) and saw each other almost every week. I figured it was a great way to get an “in” and get him to talk to me. (Spoiler alert: I never actually mentioned the podcast to him.)

A lot of the stuff on the podcast goes over my head (mostly because I’m not nearly as competitive as these guys), but they deliver consistent and high-quality content, and if you play X-Wing, you can support them by going to the Curled Paw Creatives Etsy site and checking out the Barons template set. All proceeds from this template set go towards funding the Barons’ travel to different tournaments across the US (and by Barons, I solely mean Steven, Andrew, and Joel, since they’re the ones that run the podcast).

I’ve been a guest on the podcast a few times, and I always feel like I’m in too deep. I’m just there to maybe provide comic relief and possibly make sure that Steven is still alive on Tuesday nights.

If you play the game, you should check out the podcast. If you don’t play the game, this is probably one you should skip. I’m not going to bother rating this one because I would be 100% biased towards giving this a super high rating, since I’m dating one of the stars.

And as always, keep reading (and listening).


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