Top 5 Authors from K – O

Maybe this whole quarantine thing will get me back on a regular blogging schedule. But who knows? I’ve just got to buckle down and do it, because man, do I miss it.

Welcome back to Top 5 Tuesday, hosted by Shanah @ Bionic Book Worm! I have unfortunately missed the first few entries in this author showdown, but maybe I’ll have enough time over the next few days to go back and make the first few, because I’m super interested in this!

For this series, I’m using the last name of authors.

K – Brian Kilmeade

Why do I have so few authors whose last names begin with “K” on my reading list? Brian Kilmeade writes nonfiction books such as Thomas Jefferson and the Tripoli Pirates, and I’ve learned several new things by reading them.

Other Notable Ks: Denise Kiernan, Marie Kondo

L – Jenny Lawson

I know I have gone on and on about Jenny Lawson, aka The Bloggess, and how much her books mean to me. She’s got anxiety, just like me. She doesn’t know if what she writes is good enough for the world, just like me. But you know what? She doesn’t let that get in her way. She’s even opening up a BOOKSHOP called Nowhere Books (and I’m a part of their mail-in book club, even though I haven’t read the books yet…) and I hope that one day I get to visit Texas and visit it. It’s going to be amazing.

Other Notable Ls: CS Lewis, Erik Larson

M – George R. R. Martin

Is this cliche? I really do enjoy GRRM’s books, although I have had to skip some scenes here and there because I couldn’t stomach them. I read all five of his books over the course of a summer while working at the local arcade, and I have been waiting for book six to come out ever since. I’ve accepted the fact that I will probably never see his books before I die, however.

Other Notable Ms: Anne McCaffrey, Scott Meyer, Kirsten Miller

N – Ryan North

You never realize how hard something like “naming favorite authors whose last name begins with N” is until you actually scroll through your GoodReads list and realize that 8/10 of the names in the N category are actually Nintendo. I’m not counting them as an author, so I guess I’m throwing Ryan North in on this one. I thoroughly enjoyed this choose-your-own-adventure Hamlet book and I hope to get the Romeo & Juliet one shortly. It’s very entertaining.

Other Notable Ns: Robby Novak??

O – Delia Owens

Although I still haven’t read Where the Crawdad Sings, I’ve read all of her non-fiction books and thoroughly enjoyed them. I’m looking forward to finally being able to read Crawdad soon, though! I also got to meet her in person a few months ago, and she was absolutely wonderful. She signed every book we gave her, too!

Other Notable Os: Scott O’Dell, George Orwell

How are you coping with the quarantine? Are you still able to read, or are you just waiting for Animal Crossing to launch, like I am? Let me know in the comments!

And as always, keep reading.


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