Top Five Authors – P, Q, R, S, T

Welcome back to Top 5 Tuesdays, where I somehow managed to write two T5T posts in a row! What an accomplishment! (Maybe this stay-at-home thing is better for my creativity than living in an office for 10 hours out of the day…) This week’s topic builds on last week’s, where I explore five authors whose last names begin with P, Q, R, S, and T. As always, T5T is brought to you by Bionic Book Worm. (And, hopefully, I’ll do better on this week than I did on last week!)

P – Tamora Pierce

I will readily admit that it has been a long time since I’ve read anything by Tamora Pierce, but I vividly remember checking out The Song of the Lionness series during middle school and reading them. I loved that series! I haven’t seen it on a single library shelf since leaving that particular school, though, which I think is a tragedy. I want to go back and re-read the series, but I’m also wary about doing so. There are so many books that I read as a kid that lose their magic when I re-read them as an adult, and I don’t want this one to be one of them. Anybody have any other Tamora Pierce suggestions?

Other Notable Ps: Christopher Paolini, James Patterson

Q – Um, Pass?

So I went and Googled “authors whose names begin with Q” and I couldn’t find a single one that I had read, much less heard of, so unfortunately I am going to have to sit the Q category out this week. I hope the fact that I’m posting daily will negate this fact!

R – Rick Riordan

I know there are going to be so many people who place JK Rowling in this top spot, but I just couldn’t do that. I like Rowling, and I love Harry Potter, but I feel like Rick Riordan is the one who deserves this spot. Granted, I am giving him this solely based on his Percy Jackson series (the original; I haven’t read Heroes of Olympus). My biggest memory is that this is the only series of books that my sister would read for about three years straight. In fact, she decided that The Lightning Thief would be the book that she wanted me to cut up for her bridesmaid bouquet, so that’s where I’m currently sitting with this series.

Other Notable Rs: JK Rowling

S – Angie Sage

I have said it time and time again, but I love the Septimus Heap series more than I love the Harry Potter series. Fight me. I love the fantasy world that Sage creates, I love the spells, I love how everything comes together in the end for the better. I would absolutely love to see either a TV series done for this show or a well-done movie series. (Harry Potter had some issues with the movies, but overall I think they were very well done.) Septimus deserves it.

Other Notable Ss: John Scalzi, Michael Scott, Lemony Snicket, Paul Stewart, Jonathon Stroud

T – JRR Tolkien

Okay, so I may have skipped the most popular R but I definitely am not going to skip the most popular T, my man JRR Tolkien. My wedding bouquet is going to be made up entirely of pages from The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, after all. How can I leave him out? He who not only created an entirely new world but several languages within that world, who gave us the templates for how everyone writes fantasy novels today, who pretended that he was translating the entire series so that the hobbits we know as Bilbo and Frodo actually have different names all together – I could go on and on about him. I wish I could meet him.

Other Notable Ts: Donna Tartt, Mark Twain

So there you have it! Five – well, four – authors that I absolutely love and would like others to read as well. Are any of them also on your list? Did you actually find someone who began with Q that you had not only heard of, but also read? Let me know in the comments!

And as always, keep reading.


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