Quarantine: Week Thirty

Thirty Weeks.

Two hundred and ten days of me sitting at my desk in my home office instead of commuting downtown to sit at a desk in a bigger office. It still blows my mind that it’s been this long, and that we’re not currently looking at going back into the office until probably January.

I also realize that I missed last week, and I can’t remember why I did at this point in time so oh well.


Well, I’ve completely slacked on reading in the past two weeks. I haven’t read a single book all the way through, although I did start on The Bone Shared Daughter, but I’m going to have to go back and restart it because I tried to read it while Steven was playing games in the same room and it was super hard to pay attention while he was shouting at his friends, haha.


I did not write a single blog post last week. Everything that got published was scheduled weeks ago (seriously), and I just realized I’m running out of scheduled posts so I need to start reading again.

Video Games

The most exciting part of my life last week was I built my very first PC (well, Steven picked out the parts and he built it, but I paid for everything and it’s mine.) It’s absolutely beautiful. I bought it mainly for Star Wars: Squadrons, and that game is also beautiful. The last piece (headset) came in today, and it is beautiful. I’ve got so much RGB in the case (fans + cooler) and the case itself has RGB on the front of it, so I’m very pleased.

The Halloween event started in Animal Crossing, and I cleared out enough space for a pumpkin patch and then immediately did nothing else on my island. Sigh.


Cleaning? What’s cleaning?


I had my bachelorette party on October 3! It was nice and low-key. We went to Paddywax Candle Bar at the local shopping center, and then grabbed dinner to-go from my favorite restaurant and went to a bridesmaid’s house to have dinner and s’mores and chill by a fire. It was wonderful.

We’ve finalized our RSVP head count for our wedding, and met with the venue this past Saturday (the 10th). We’re 33 days out! It’s finally getting real! (And I’m realizing just how much I still have left to do. I’m working on the boutonnieres and the corsages this week.)

The cats are tolerating each other now, and while Kiki does have her moments (it’s absolutely 100% her causing problems, because she’s a bratty teenager), for the most part they coexist peacefully. Molly has even lost some weight since she’s been here, which is great and is along the lines of what her vet asked us to do at her last appointment back in February.

All in all, though, life is finally starting to pick back up and I can’t believe that I can finally say I’m getting married NEXT MONTH!

I hope you are surviving whatever stay-at-home orders you may be under, and that you’re staying safe and healthy.

And as always, keep reading.

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