Quarantine: Week Thirty-One

It’s Week Thirty-One of working from home, and we got the news last week that we may be starting our return-to-office phases on November 1. You know, right as cases are beginning to skyrocket to their highest numbers since July. No big deal, right? People are just getting pandemic fatigue. Who cares if there’s still a deadly virus out there – we should be able to go back to our normal lives, right??


I read absolutely nothing this week aside from news stories online that made me lose more hope for this country. I even received my next Fantastic Stranglings Book Club book, but I still haven’t finished the book from September (which is unusual for me, to say the least). I even had a pre-order get delivered to my Kindle, and I haven’t even opened that.


I wrote just the single blog post last week because, again, I haven’t read anything. I do need to start reading and writing again, though, because I am coming to the end of my scheduled posts (First Impression Fridays and Book Reviews) and I need to keep the content coming.

Video Games

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is, as always, my biggest foe. I want to do so much to my island and especially my house, but every time I look at what I have to do I get discouraged. I need to break my island up into sections and start from there, but I’m too worried about failing the renovation that I end up doing nothing.

I’ve been playing some Star Wars: Squadrons, but not as much as I should in order to get better at the game. I’ve been blowing through the missions more than anything, and I’ve discovered that I am absolutely trash at bomber ships (looking at you, Y-Wing) because they don’t fit my play style (which is, essentially, run as fast as you can towards something, shoot it, and run away, which fits Interceptors and A-Wings much better than bombers).

I want to start downloading some of the other single-player games that I have on my Steam account, but I haven’t gotten around to that yet. Maybe I’ll do that this week.


I’ve managed to keep the kitchen clean for the most part this week, and the bathroom has finally been tackled. I am mostly proud that I have done laundry every single Sunday for the past fiveish weeks without missing a day. I feel accomplished. There is nothing left in my hamper except for what I was wearing last night.


As of today, we are 26 days away from our wedding day! This past week, we:

  • bought and decorated the wedding favors (2 oz hand sanitizers with an ivory ribbon wrapped around the top and tied into a bow)
  • bought mini string lights for the aisle
  • bought the card box for the gift table
  • discussed floor plans with the venue
  • created layouts (in MS Paint, of course) of how I want the tables to look
  • purchased the wedding cake from Publix!
  • purchased hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes for various tables (cake table, food table, bar, and gift table)
  • bought a handheld garment steamer for the dresses day-of
  • discussed photography and sent a message to our photographer confirming day-of details
  • discussed and created a seating chart
  • discussed and created a day-of timeline
  • discussed and created a packing list
  • discussed and finalized our vows (or was that the week before? It’s all blurring together now)
  • purchased a personalized cake knife/server (Etsy)
  • wrote a long detailed note to the wedding party in Google Docs and started a wedding party group chat
  • created origami paper boxes for all of the boutonnieres
  • made three corsages (my mom, his mom, my grandma) and created origami boxes for them, too (all I need to do is glue them together now)

We accomplished so much in terms of minor wedding details last week, and I’m hoping to get started on packing up all of the items, labelling the box, and putting the box number on the packing spreadsheet. We’re so close now!

I also started a workout plan (the 28 Day Challenge with Kim Lyons from Body Boss, which I’ve done before but wanted something short and that I knew would work, plus it’ll finish right before the wedding day). I’ve cut out all alcohol and any other type of drink except for water. I’m watching what I eat. Basically, I have these plans to make sure I fit into that wedding dress and I am going to stick to them! (When I went into my final dress fitting last week, I was bloated and the dress was too tight so I want to be extra certain that doesn’t happen on the real wedding day!)

I also finally took my car (Hyundai Elantra) in for its steering wheel recall and now my car is silent. Next up, oil change before the honeymoon.

I hope your week was as productive as mine was, and that this upcoming week is just as productive!

And as always, keep reading.

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