GoodReads 2021 Reading Challenge: Completed?

As of March 1, 2021, I have officially completed by 2021 GoodReads Reading Challenge.

I feel really conflicted about this one, because at the end of February, I blew through twenty-one Avatar: The Last Airbender graphic novels, which pushed me over my reading goal for the year. I was sitting at 39 books already, but now I’m at 60 books completed. I feel really weird about this. I feel weird about counting graphic novels as books in general, even though I am absolutely a proponent for them being in libraries and being read by everyone. It just feels like cheating, you know?

I know I’ll still be reading novels through the end of the year, and I think it’ll be interesting to see how my book-reading pace changes since today marks my first official day back in my office. I’ll be operating on a week in, week out basis until further notice. (My husband is still at home until June at the earliest, and that will be voluntary return in June.) My in-laws have had their first round of shots, which is encouraging.

I’m about to start relying on my Kindle even more than I have in the past few weeks, because it’s easier to take into the office and easier to put down at a moment’s notice (we have to keep our doors closed at all times, unless we want to sit with a mask on all day), so I’ll be taking advantage of being able to read a little more. Probably not as much, considering the amount of paper filing that I’m sure is waiting on me on my return to work, and I’m also hoping to catch up on my podcasts while I’m in the office. I’ve got a nice set of Bluetooth earbuds just for that purpose!

I’ve also slowed down a lot since March started, because I’ve gone back into the office (where I’m listening to podcasts vs reading books just in case) and I’ve started working on cross stitch patterns when I’m working from home (which I am absolutely loving!) and that’s taking up a lot of time. I feel like I maybe burned myself out by slamming through 60 books in 60 days (more or less) and I need to take a step back from reading for a few. I’m supposed to be getting my next Fantastic Stranglings book in this week, and that means I’ll be reading that this weekend (most likely), and I brought back the Septimus Heap series from my parents’ house and I want to re-read that (and finish the series, finally!), so that’s seven books by themselves. I’ve got reading plans, I just have to give myself a few weeks to get back into the mood, I guess?

But let’s talk about the GoodReads reading challenge for a moment. How do you decide on your goal for the year? Do you pick a number like 25, 50, 100? Do you look at how many books you read last year and try to beat that goal? I used to set a reading goal for 100 books a year, and then I never met it and felt discouraged. I actually haven’t read this much in many years! (I blame graduate school.) Let me know what you think in the comments!

And as always, keep reading.

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