Recipe Review: Lemon Cream Chicken from Taste of Home

Same cookbook as the last two weeks: Best Loved Recipes from Taste of Home. You can go back to the Cheddar Potato Soup review and find a link to the book on Thriftbooks!

This week’s recipe is Lemon Cream Chicken.

What We Changed: The major thing we changed is that we did not add any mushrooms to this recipe. Steven doesn’t like the texture of mushrooms, and while I could take them or leave them, I wasn’t going to waste mushrooms in a recipe where only one of them would eat them, so I just decided to take them out.

Also, same as last week, we used two small chicken breasts for this instead of six, and we cut them into bite-sized pieces instead of cooking them whole. It’s just faster and easier for us to cook them in small pieces. However, if I were to make this for a fancy dinner party or something I’d probably cook them whole, but for now, that’s not happening.

Final Thoughts: Just like last week, there’s honestly nothing really to talk about with this recipe. It’s very easy from start to finish, and the only thing we changed was cutting the chicken (and leaving out one ingredient). We’d still give this recipe 2.5/5 stars, because even when served over rice, it’s just so bland. We’ve got a different lemon/cream/chicken/rice recipe that we use a lot (that I’ve got to find, because it’s gone off somewhere by itself) that is so much more flavorful than this one. We had to pump a lot of salt and pepper into the dish to make it edible, and the leftovers were…not great. If you’re going to eat all of it in one day that’s fine, but warming this up makes the chicken super gross. I ended up just eating the saucy rice and ignoring the chicken when I had leftovers. Maybe you can do something else with it, but this just wasn’t for me.

Do you have a favorite recipe to serve over rice? Let me know in the comments!

And as always, keep reading.

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