March Wrap-Up

I’m a few days late on this (I should have written it on Monday, but I got distracted by a cross-stitch wedding sampler instead). I can’t believe it’s the end of March already.

I wrote an incredible 22 blog posts in March (just like I did in February), but the vast majority of those were written and scheduled way back in January. I’ve finally caught up on my TTT posts and I need to just sit down and write a bunch of those all at one time like I did back in January (when I wrote dozens of posts because I got super into blogging again).

However, unlike February, I only read two books this month. What a disappointment. However, I did not DNF any books this month, although I really struggled to get through The Lost Apothecary.

  • Lore by Alexandra Bracken (5 stars)
  • The Lost Apothecary by Sarah Penner (3 stars)

This brings me up to 62 books read so far in 2021, and hopefully I’ll drag myself out of this reading slump soon. I’ve actually got an Overdrive digital library loan expiring soon (The Wife Upstairs), so I’ve got to kick myself into gear and get to reading! Plus I still have a ton of Kindle First books for me to get through, and I brought the entire Septimus Heap series back from my parents when I visited them a few weeks ago. I’ve got so many books to read, but I’m just not reading. Maybe I burned myself out by reading sixty books in the first two months of the year?

What else happened in my life this month?

~I started cross-stitching. I started through Subversive Cross Stitch (thanks to Jenny Lawson for introducing me to it!) and since then I’ve bought a ton of cute patterns off Etsy and I’ve completed five of them!

*I actually bought this one at Hobby Lobby several years ago and never opened it until this month.

~I got banned from reviewing anything on Amazon, permanently. I’ve thought about making a post about this several times, but it just makes me angry. I know I shouldn’t be buying things from Amazon anyway, but I really enjoying reviewing things. I went in circles with customer service for almost a month before I got a final email from them basically saying “Never contact us again. This decision is final. Any future contact about this matter will be ignored.” I don’t know what I did, except for reviewing every item I buy (I absolutely love writing reviews, as is evidenced by the book reviews I write!), which is what everyone tells you to do if you want to become an Amazon Vine person. I never wanted to get to that status, but Amazon even deleted all of my previous reviews, so now I’m just extra salty about it.

~I got to see my best friend! I went down to her house on March 12, and we haven’t seen each other since the wedding (she was my maid of honor). We’re trying to be better friends this year (adulthood hit us both hard since I moved out of Montevallo) and we’re hoping to get together about every six weeks or so!

~I’ve made more candles. I actually super enjoy this. It’s a great hobby, and I even got to do it with my sister and my friend Hollie last Saturday (the guys were doing a photoshoot at a furnace in our city, we had a girl’s day). I’ve figured out the scent balance, how to use the dye chips I bought, and how much mica I can put into a candle and still have it burn properly (it makes me so sad that glitter will clog the wick!). I bought some super cute jars ahead of the candle-making day and I even have a candle cart now, so I guess you can say that my hobby is growing pretty fast. It’s an absolute blast to make candles, and they make great gifts!

~I’ve been working at home for exactly one year. I should have made this post almost two weeks ago (Monday, March 22nd was my one-year mark!). However, March 1 marked my first day back in the office on a week-in, week-out rotation, so I’m getting back to some semblance of normal, but I really enjoy working from home. I feel like I’m so much more productive at home! And I get to see sunlight. Since we have to have our doors closed at all times if we’re in the office, I never get to see the sun (I have an office on the inside wall).

~I’ve caught up on every podcast that I listen to. Since I have to have my door closed at work, I just bring my wireless earbuds (truly the best $40 I’ve spent so far this year!) and listen to podcasts all day. Like, literally all day. Nine hours a day of podcasts in my ears, so I’ve caught up on all the ones I’m subscribed to and now I’m looking for more to start listening to! Let me know if you have any suggestions!

March was a crazy month – I can’t believe we’re already three days into April!

How was your March? What are you looking forward to doing in April? Let me know in the comments!

And as always, keep reading.

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