Recipe Review: Coconut Chickpea Curry from Yup It’s Vegan

Welcome back to our third foray into making homemade curry (previous recipes being Butter Chicken and Chicken Methi), and I think we’ve finally gotten this thing down. This week’s recipe was given to us by a guy from India in one of the Discord servers my husband is in, after he posted a picture of our butter chicken. The guy said hey, you should try this coconut chickpea curry recipe if you liked butter chicken, and gave us the link, claiming that we’d love it. We gathered the ingredients (unfortunately we had to buy premade naan, because I was in the office that week and couldn’t make homemade naan dough) and did it one night after work, and it took maybe 30 minutes from start to finish, and was better than we thought.

What We Changed: We changed nothing, except we replaced the fresh ginger with one tablespoon of minced ginger that we picked up at the grocery store. Also, since Steven can’t eat cilantro, we didn’t put that in there.

The Spice Level: I assumed that because it’s got a ton of coconut milk in it and only 1/4 tsp of cayenne pepper that it wouldn’t be super hot, but holy cow – my mouth was on fire the entire time! I may cut the cayenne in half next time we do it – I can’t imagine that anything else in the recipe would be causing the spice aside from the cayenne (maybe the ginger?).

What We’d Change: We’d make sure to put more salt in the end, because we completely ignored that instruction and I think that, while it was spicy and delicious, it was a little bit bland underneath the spice. I think I’d also pick up some spinach (why does spinach go bad so fast??) and add some to it at the very end, like the recipe calls for, so there’s a little bit of green in it at the end. Otherwise, I think it’s pretty perfect as is!

Final Thoughts: We’re getting good at the whole curry thing, and the Indian guy even complimented us on our curry looking “perfect” when Steven sent a picture to the same Discord server and tagged him in it to show off. He’s since promised to send us an “even spicier curry” to try, and says that he personally thinks it’s kinda bland so he doubles the chili powder in the marinade, so I’m already planning on buying us a fire extinguisher. I’m sure we’ll start by cutting the spice in half and then adjusting more from there after our first time cooking it.

I’d give this recipe 5/5 stars, simply because it was incredibly delicious and we had it on the table within thirty minutes of starting. (I set up all the spices/opened all the cans while Steven chopped the onions. Teamwork!) We had enough left over for two more servings (so I’d say this makes four servings), and I can’t wait to take this in as leftovers for work. This is the perfect recipe if you want something tasty after a hard day at work but don’t want to spend money eating out or spend a ton of time in the kitchen. In fact, this recipe alone makes me want to have a full-size pantry so I can keep the canned ingredients on hand so I can throw this together on a moment’s notice. (Seriously, why do small apartments never have space to actually keep food around?) Plus, it’s so versatile and you can add whatever veggies you want to it! I’d never know it was vegan!

Do you have a favorite curry recipe? Let me know in the comments!

And as always, keep reading.

A scoop of chickpea coconut curry being spooned out of a white bowl on a brown wooden table.
Picture from Yup…It’s Vegan

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