Books as First Dates Tag

It’s been a while since I did a book tag, so here’s one that I found on The Awkward Book Blogger! The original tag is from Love for Words, and I’m super excited to try this out!

Fun fact: I’ve only been on about seven first dates in my life. I had five long-term relationships (including with the guy I married) come from those first dates and then I had two that just didn’t pan out into anything. People always seem shocked that I didn’t go on a lot of first dates.

first and last: a book/series you’ve read and enjoyed, but can’t bring yourself to read again

I used to read the Warriors series non-stop when I was younger, and I read the original series so many times over that the books were basically falling apart. The second series (A New Prophecy) took the focus away from ThunderClan a little too much, and by book five of the Power of Three, I just wasn’t that into the books anymore because it wasn’t as interesting of a story (also someone on the internet spoiled book 6 for me so I couldn’t even finish the series. Thanks, random person). But I’ve still bought the Super Editions (like BlueStar’s Prophecy) and they’ve literally sat on my shelf unopened because I can’t get myself back into that world. Also, it was super violent and I am a very tender-hearted person when it comes to cat death. How did I ever get so hard-core into this series?

with a friend of my friend: a book/series someone recommended to you that turned out to be different from what you had expected

When I was in eighth grade, I had a friend recommend Twilight to me and the way she described it sounded right up my alley. A creepy older vampire watching a teenager sleep and trying to find ways not to kill her? Sign me up! I didn’t realize I was signing up for one of the worst-written “romance” novels in a millennium, and while I do admit I read all four books, I will never get those hours of my life back.

double date: a book whose sequel you immediately had to read

I got to the end of Six of Crows and basically threw the book on my desk and dove for my bookshelf to pick up the second one. No regrets!

let’s go to the movies: a book/series that should be adapted to the screen

I really enjoyed Uprooted by Naomi Novak. I’d read A Deadly Education by her and assumed it was her debut book, and so I’ve been working through her back catalogue lately. Uprooted seems like the perfect mix of creepy and fantastical for someone to work with as a movie, even if the relationship between the wizard and the main character is unsettling by the end of the book.

dreamy stargazing: a book that made you go ahhhh and ohhhh

The Map of Salt and Stars has to go here because the descriptions in the book are just incredible. Their second novel, The Thirty Names of Night, was the first book I read this year thanks to the Fantastic Stranglings book club, and I cannot recommend their writing enough!

fun at the fair: a book full of colors

Technically, The Book Thief is full of colors, but that’s not really a book that qualifies as “fun at the fair.” I remember reading A Mango-Shaped Space when I was in middle school, about a girl with the disorder that lets you see the colors of words, but it’s also not fun at the fair because the cat dies in the end (I don’t know what I was expecting when the title literally says “a Mango-shaped space” but whatever).

amusement park adventure: a book that was a rollercoaster

I think we’re going to put a non-fiction book here, because Endurance, about Shackleton’s journey to the Antarctic, was so mind-blowing that you’d almost think it was fiction until you realize that every event actually happened and you can read the primary sources for the events. Shackleton didn’t lose a single man (although they did lose all the animals, which was the hardest part of the book to read for me).

picnic with cherries: a book whose food descriptions made you feel all *heart eyes*

I mean, you have to go with Redwall, don’t you? The books are famous for their description of food, and there is even an official Redwall cookbook (and I’m sure there are many unofficial recipes out there as well).

trip to the museum: a book that taught you valuable stuff

The first two Kiki Strike books (Kiki Strike: Inside the Shadow City and Kiki Strike: The Empress’s Tomb) had these awesome little asides with various information on everything from how to pick a lock to how to punch a guy to how to fireman carry someone out of a burning building, and I learned a lot from them (or at least middle-school me assumed I did; I haven’t actually tested out any of the information it taught to me). I haven’t read the third Kiki Strike book yet, mostly because they redid the covers since it came out so long after the others and now my set won’t match if I get it.

The only first date type that I’ve been on that’s on this list is the movie date – I think all the others were dinner out somewhere. But don’t all of these sound like fun? Although technically my first date with my husband was stargazing, but we didn’t decide it was a date until after the fact.

If you’re reading this, consider yourself tagged!

What’s the best first date you’ve been on? Let me know in the comments!

And as always, keep reading.

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