TTT: Books I’d Want on a Deserted Island

Welcome back to TTT, where somehow I’ve had the discipline to write about it two weeks in a row! This week’s theme is “Books I’d Want With Me While Stranded on a Deserted Island,” hosted as always by That Artsy Reader Girl.

When I was younger, I bought a book called The Kid’s Survival Handbook at my school’s book fair. I absolutely LOVED it because it was covered in this cool material, had a compass attached to the spine, and had places that you could write answers to questions in it (stuff like, “How would you survive on a deserted island?” or “What would you do if you saw a crocodile?”). I very clearly remember writing “I would bring this book to guide me” in reference to the deserted island question.

But what about now? What books would I take with me to a deserted island? Practically, I would assume I’d need some sort of manual on which plants are poisonous and which are edible, and possibly a manual on how to identify birds or something. (Will this bird help me, or will this bird lead predators to me? Birds aren’t real, after all.) Or would I give up all hope of rescue and just take books with me that I’d want to read one last time before expiring and becoming another skeleton in the surf?


That’s it. That’s the post.

What? You want me to elaborate? Very well.

I’ve been trying to read The Wheel of Time since 2019. I blew through the first four books, then got caught up at book five, and then I struggled through books five and six for a few months, and I think I’m on book seven, but I’ve been on book seven since the start of 2020. I hit a wall and it’s so hard to push myself through that wall. (I think it’s because Jordan writes women so horribly that it’s hard for me to read a lot of it.)

The story is interesting, and I want to finish the books. It’s just the physical thought of picking up that book again makes me want to throw it across the room. It’s been sitting on my coffee table for over a year now, mocking me.

I think if it was the only source of entertainment on a deserted island, I’d actually finish it (or I’d end up burning them all as fire starter, and then freeze to death once I was out of paper). Sometimes I read too fast over parts because it was boring and I wanted to get past it, and then I’d have to ask Steven where a character came from and he’s like “What do you mean, where did they come from? They were a major part of the last book!” and I realize I probably skipped over their part because I can’t stand the points of view of some characters. Sorry not sorry, Perrin.

Also, Steven owns the last three books in hardback, so that would be a pretty good makeshift weapon if necessary.

What about you? What books would you bring to a deserted island? Would you go for the practical or for the time-consuming? let me know in the comments!

And as always, keep reading.

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