Three DNFs: “A Discovery of Witches,” “The Midnight Library,” and “The Great Circle”

I don’t think I’ve DNF’d three books back to back before (or if I have, it hasn’t been in recent memory), but there was just something about A Discovery of Witches, The Midnight Library, and The Great Circle that I couldn’t get through. I did a First Impression Friday for A Discovery of Witches, which is why we’re doing DNF review for it, but I didn’t get far enough into The Midnight Library to dedicate a FIF to it, so here we go. (I started a FIF for The Great Circle, but realized quickly after that that I didn’t want to schedule it, so it’ll never see the light of day.)

I really wanted to like A Discovery of Witches. It sounded really cool, and I really thought it would be right up my alley (modern day witches doing research at Oxford? Sign me up!), but it ended up being so broody and there was so much sexual tension (the vampire had to go hunting in Scotland to get rid of his desire to rip Diana apart) that I gave up around 40% of the way through. I just couldn’t do it. I’m sure there are people that this appeals to, but unfortunately for me it just wasn’t what I wanted to read.

I then picked up The Midnight Library, which I’ve been on the waiting list for in Overdrive since February, and my sister keeps telling me that I need to read it because it’s her new favorite book. I wish she’d given me a content warning. The book opens with the main character’s coworker coming to her door to tell her that her cat’s been run over by a car, and then she kills herself because she believes her life is not worth living. The actual concept of the library was pretty cool, but the fact that we get to see her cat die a second time was enough for me to put this book down and not pick it up. I was actually crying at work during my break. I DNF’d this book at around 25%, and then the loan expired so I couldn’t even keep going even if I’d wanted to.

I put in a hold on The Great Circle back in January (you can put holds on books that aren’t released yet on Overdrive!) because it sounded amazing, and I think I even had it on one of my TTT posts about books I’m looking forward to this year. Unfortunately, once I got into the book, it was so heavily about drug use, abuse, incest, rape, and so on that I physically could not stomach reading another chapter. I pushed through to the end of chapter two, and then I set it down. I got absolutely nothing that I was promised, and it honestly made me feel very angry.

I haven’t really been reading much lately (I’m working on three cross stitch patterns because I’ve lost control of my life, you see) and I’ve been listening to my podcasts more to try and catch up. (It’s easier to listen to podcasts while cross stitching). I’ve also been slacking on doing new content for my blog – all of my scheduled tags expired back in May, I am way behind on recipe reviews, and I’ve been avoiding the Top Ten Tuesday topics because sometimes I just feel like I can’t think of anything to do. I’m going to try and get better at blogging again, but dang, it’s so hard to remember to do sometimes because I get caught up in other stuff. Weekends are actually being used to see friends again, after all. Our weekly in-person game nights are on again. We’ve got things scheduled out through November in terms of trips and stuff. It’s just been busy since we got our second vaccine and the world’s opening up again.

Here’s hoping that the next book I pick up, Ready Player Two, is not another DNF.

And as always, keep reading.

3 thoughts on “Three DNFs: “A Discovery of Witches,” “The Midnight Library,” and “The Great Circle”

    1. It’s my sister’s favorite book and she’s really disappointed that I couldn’t get through it, but after the animal death and the abusive relationship, it was much better for my mental health to not finish it.

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      1. You absolutely need to be in the correct mindset.. though it didnt bothered me too much, I did had a little « damn.. thats kinda harsh.. »


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