TTT: Books on My Fall 2021 To-Read List

Welcome back to Top Ten Tuesday, hosted as always by That Artsy Reader Girl! I haven’t participated in a few weeks (mainly because I couldn’t think of enough books for the last few weeks) but this one I’ve got an entire bookshelf full of books to talk about, so let’s get started!

I can’t remember the last time I sat down and read a physical book. I’ve been really reliant on my Overdrive/Libby apps lately, mostly because I’ve got way too many books and not enough bookshelf space left for any new ones (we live in a really small two-bedroom apartment), so I’ve stopped myself from buying any new physical books (not only to save space, but also to stop spending so much money, although I’ve been finding other things to spend money on lately, whoops) and am only reading ebooks. I know some people hate them, but they’re really convenient and I’ve always got a book on my phone. I used to bring a book everywhere with me when I was little, and now I’ve got so many waiting for me any time I pick up this little electronic rectangle!

But what about the books that I’ve got sitting on my shelf, some of which have been sitting there since March of this year? Well, that’s why I’ve got to put them out there publicly, to get myself motivated to actually read them:

1 – Better Luck Next Time by Julia Claiborne Johnson

I’ve seen this book around for a long time, and I don’t remember where I first saw it. I put it on my Overdrive “wish list,” but the library system I was using at the time didn’t have it and didn’t buy it. (I’ve since updated my library card for the county that I moved to over two years ago, but they didn’t have it either.) So I bought this for myself back in April, from the San Antonio Book Festival. I then put it on my bookshelf and haven’t opened it since. It’s under a stack of -counts- seven other books, so it’s been there for a while. Oops.

2 – The Light of Days by Judy Batalion

This is another book that I bought after attending a SABF session, and unfortunately it too got regulated to the sideways stack of books on the shelf. (It’s the one directly on top of Better Luck Next Time.) I’ve always been really interested in World War II and this is the first one I’ve picked up in about a year or so. I read one last year about a woman resistance fighter (whose name I’ve already forgotten), but WWII non-fiction walks a tight line between “too fluffy” and “too wordy,” and it’s hard to find ones that have a good balance. I’m hoping this one is a hit, because I paid a lot of money for it (it’s so expensive to buy books from indie bookstores instead of Amazon, sigh) and I guess I haven’t picked it up because I’m scared of it being bad.

3 – The Lost Queen by Signe Pike

The second book in this series was featured at the SABF, and I thought it sounded interesting (who’s not interested in warrior queens??) so I decided to go back and pick up the first book. I think the size of the book intimidated me (it’s sitting directly on top of The Light of Days) so I just put it on the shelf and forgot about it. And instead of reading any of the books I already own, I continue to put holds on books on Libby and then I have to read those before the loans expire, so I’m not making any headway on my physical TBR.

4 – Sorrowland by Rivers Solomon

The first Fantastic Stranglings book club book that I didn’t read this year; it’s now sitting on the Shelf-o-Shame right on top of The Lost Queen. Yes, you heard that right – I think this was either April or May’s book. That’s how far behind I am in reading for my book club. (Luckily, the Stranglings are really forgiving when it comes to missing a book, so I’ve got all the time in the world to read this.)

5 – The Chosen and the Beautiful by Nghi Vo

Clocking in at number five is another Fantastic Stranglings book – I’m not exactly sure what month this one is from, but it’s sitting right on top of Sorrowland. That doesn’t mean much, though, because at one point all of these books were stacked on my coffee table and they just migrated to the Shelf-o-Shame either weeks or months later. It’s actually the shortest one that’s currently sitting on my shelf, but I doubt I’ll bring that into consideration when I finally start reading physical books again.

6 – The Sunset Route by Carrot Quinn

This one is right on top of The Chosen and the Beautiful and was the next Fantastic Stranglings book that I’ve chosen to ignore. This one is a memoir, and I’m a little hesitant about reading it just because of the description. For the most part, I’ve enjoyed every one of the books that I’ve received through the Fantastic Stranglings book club, but every so often I come across one that’s just not for me. I try not to review it if that happens, because I don’t think it’s fair. I may even DNF it and write a short blurb about it later (when I have more than one book I’ve DNF’d I try and publish a short post about why I DNF’d them, because life is too short to force yourself to read books you don’t like).

7 – All the Frequent Troubles of Our Days by Rebecca Donner

I pre-ordered this one way back in April when I was watching the SABF, and it finally arrived in August. I just stacked it on the shelf, right on top of The Sunset Route (which I think was July’s book, which means Sorrowland was May’s book). It’s another book about women resistance fighters in World War II-era Germany, and it is a hefty boy. You could probably brain someone with this book, it’s that thick, which worries me (as I mentioned above, some non-fiction books have a hard time not being textbooks).

8 – Mrs. March by Virginia Feito

Now that I’ve gotten myself on track by looking back at the books on my Shelf-o-Shame, let’s bring in August’s Fantastic Stranglings pick, which is Mrs. March. I haven’t seen this book anywhere (although I’ve been slacking a bit on the whole reading-other-blogs thing lately), and I think this is the first one that the Bloggess had to put out a content warning on, because she wasn’t expecting people to have reactions to it. I think I’ll be fine, but keep that in mind if you want to check this one out.

9 – The Inheritance of Orquidea Divina by Zoraida Cordova

I just got this one in yesterday (9/20/21), and it went immediately on the shelf on top of Mrs. March. It’s September’s Fantastic Stranglings pick, and it’s unfortunately got one of those cheap-looking glossy covers to it. (I much prefer matte or linen-style dust covers, mostly because the glossy ones show fingerprints very well.) I’m so behind in reading anything that I haven’t even read the email where the Bloggess introduced this month’s pick, so I’ve got no idea what this one is about. The cover reminds me a bit of Mexican Gothic, though, so I’m interested.

10 – Magic Lessons by Alice Hoffman

I pre-ordered the paperback version of this months ago (could not even begin to tell you when), and it came in a few weeks ago. I put it on the shelf next to Practical Magic and The Rules of Magic, and maybe I’ll be able to get to it this Halloween season! It’s a prequel to the prequel to Practical Magic, and I’m feeling like Hoffman took lessons from George Lucas – tell the sequel first then go back and talk about how we got there. (Of course, this means that I found some discrepancies between The Rules of Magic and Practical Magic when I read them back to back, but that’s to be expected when there’s been so long between publication dates.)

So there you go – my long list of books that are threatening to topple my bookshelves over, and I have no idea what order I’ll start reading them in!

What about you? Do you have an actual “TBR shelf” or am I alone in this? Let me know in the comments!

And as always, keep reading.

5 thoughts on “TTT: Books on My Fall 2021 To-Read List

  1. I prefer paper books (and I have THOUSANDS of them), but I also have really come to appreciate e-books. Like you said, it’s so convenient to have a bunch of books to choose from on your phone or tablet. I also am really liking audiobooks lately. All the different formats make it easy to enjoy reading anywhere at any time. I love it!

    Happy TTT!


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  2. I haven’t read a paperbook in eleven years…since I got my first Kindle in September of 2010. For me, it was two things. 1) We were literally out of space. We had floor-to-ceiling shelves on every non-window wall in the house, and books stacked on tables and nightstands. We just had to stop with the books. Also, like you, I was taking books everywhere…and packing a whole third suitcase for vacation was getting tiresome, not to mention that weekend I spent in Nashville looking for the sequel to the book I bought in the airport. THAT was a bummer. 🙂

    Here’s my list—

    Happy TTT!

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