Recipe Review: Colossal Ginger Cookies from The Daily Cookie

It’s been a while since I wrote about The Daily Cookie cook book, but my husband wanted some chocolate-dipped ginger cookies and I wanted to see if I already had a recipe for them before digging through the internet archives. Luckily, I found this one.

Also, I bought this incredible Size 16 cookie scoop (and probably could have gotten away with one that was just a step down. the Size 24, but I figured go big or go home, right?), and it was PERFECT for the cookies. I’m definitely going to be using this scoop for my cookies more often!

What I Changed: I didn’t realize it required shortening instead of butter, and all I had in my pantry was butter-flavor Crisco, so that’s what I used. I don’t think it really made a difference (a second ginger cookie recipe I’m going to try later uses real butter, for example).

I also melted some chocolate chips to dip the cookies in, because our favorite chocolate place (French Broad Chocolate Lounge in Asheville, NC) does that with their ginger cookies. It definitely helped a lot.

I did not roll the cookie balls in crystal sugar, like the recipe says, because I didn’t have the fancy sugar it called for.

What I Would Change: The cookies are a little too soft. I think they’re fine, but my husband isn’t as big of a fan. (“Oh, I’ll still eat them, I just wish they were a little crispier.”) He also thinks they taste a little…off, and I think that could be because of the mustard powder used in the cookies. It’s only 1/4 of a teaspoon, but it’s enough that you think you can taste it. (I’m sure you can’t, in all honesty.)

Does It Keep?: They are very soft. I put them in a bowl to store them because I was sure that putting them into a bag would just let them crumble, and I was right. Also, the chocolate chips I used probably wasn’t the brightest idea, because the chocolate never really set and all the cookies stuck to each other and to the bowl.

Final Thoughts: I think Steven’s right in that they’re just okay. I know it’s the shortening that’s causing them to be extremely soft, so I think the next time I make these, I’ll stick with the Handle the Heat recipe (look forward to that review coming soon!). I’m a big fan of the way Tessa explains her cooking science, and I know her recipes will work (I haven’t had a bad one from her yet!). I think I’d give these cookies a solid 3.5/5 stars. They’re fine, and will scratch that cookie itch, but they’re nothing spectacular.

Also, the recipe says I’ll get 10 large cookies out of it, and I got 11 with my new cookie scoop, so I’m feeling pretty good about myself. (The recipe calls for a “generous” 1/4 cup scoop of dough per cookie.)

What’s your favorite ginger cookie recipe? Do you prefer them dipped in chocolate or plain? Let me know in the comments!

And as always, keep reading.

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