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IMG_20170422_015807_552Hello, everyone! My name is Lauren Roland. I’m currently a second-year English Graduate Student at the University of Montevallo. My life at the moment consists of working fast food and studying my butt off while still attempting to have a social life.

My hobbies include buying way too many books and never reading them (although hopefully this blog will help me remedy that), writing nonsensical stories, and baking delicious treats.

There are two reasons I decided to start a new blog:

  1. It would be great to have an online portfolio of my work somewhere where people can read it, and not just have things crammed in random notebooks scattered around my room.
  2. I want to share my love of books (and writing, and baking…) with everyone. The question, “What’s your favorite book?” usually triggers a ten minute or longer rant about my favorite books in each particular genre, and usually ends with the person nodding politely and finding the soonest possible reason to escape.

Since the title of this blog is “Books are Only the Beginning,” I won’t just be reviewing or talking about books on this blog. I will also be posting writing samples or writing discussions, recipe reviews, and “Life of an English Grad Student” posts, along with some random goings-on in my life. It’s been a bit since I’ve been an active blogger (I used to use BlogSpot and had two blogs on there, but have since decided to move on to something more professional), but I’m thinking it’s time I got back into the scene.

I’m currently going through an incredibly rough spot in my life. I’m talking pain beyond anything I’ve felt before. The only way to get through this is to be patient and pray. Sometimes I’ll have good days, and sometimes I’ll have nightmare days. (For right now, the latter far outnumber the former.) I just want to be happy again. So while I’m praying and waiting for God to teach me what I need to know and learn, I’ll be blogging. That means sometimes the blogs might not be the happiest of things, but I promise you, stick with me. Things are going to get messy before they get better.

I know this “About Me” is nearly a rehash of the “Welcome” post I wrote when I first started this blog, but I figured this would be a better way to get some information out quickly.

FAVORITES (This may be expanded as time goes on)

Books: The Book Thief (Markus Zusak); The Lord of the Rings & et. al. (JRR Tolkien); The Expanse Series (James S. A. Corey);

Movies: Secondhand Lions (live-action); Robin Hood (Disney Animated Version); Howl’s Moving Castle (Miyazaki); Big Hero 6 (Animated); Wreck-It Ralph (Animated);

Video Games: Black Ops II; The World Ends With You; Final Fantasy VI; The Zelda Series; Animal Crossing; Pokemon Series;

Television Shows: Psych; Agent Carter;

Animes: FullMetal Alchemist; Hetalia: Axis Powers;

Food: Fried rice; pasta; brownies;

Hobbies: Writing, Reading, Cooking, Baking, Cleaning, Assembling Furniture; Video Games; Hiking;

I made the banner at the top of the page (I used to be big into graphic design but I was never good enough at it to do anything with it).

Drop me a line sometime! I respond to every comment, and I’ll gladly check out whatever you’re writing, too!

Check out the links BELOW to see some articles I wrote during my journalism internship in Summer 2017!

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