Hello, August!

Wow! We're already eight months into the year, and honestly, I've got no idea how it's August already. August has always been an interesting month for me. It's my birthday month, for one, and it's the month that school has always started in. You've got everything from final back-to-school purchase rushes to figuring out what … Continue reading Hello, August!


Hello, July

Can you believe it's July already? JULY?! I've got no idea how half of the year has already managed to slip away from me, but here we are. July is where it really starts to get hot in Alabama. I'm anticipating a lot of indoor dates, although maybe Steven & I will manage to get … Continue reading Hello, July

November Challenges

Darn me and my strict post schedule. Unfortunately for me, the first of November fell on a Wednesday, and since I didn't want to deprive anybody of the delicious chocolate sugar cookie recipe I found, I decided to hold off on this. And of course, I had to schedule my "End of October" post, too. … Continue reading November Challenges