Recipe Review – Old Fashioned Chocolate Pie

This is a pie I encountered from my cousin June, who brought two of them to my grandfather's wake back in January. My sister and I ate a whole pie between us that night. This is a recipe you'll want to make as often as you can, and considering how easy it just might. … Continue reading Recipe Review – Old Fashioned Chocolate Pie


Recipe Review – Italian Chicken Bake

First of all, let me say that I've got no idea where this recipe originally came from. I'm assuming I got it out of a magazine or something, so I'm just going to write out the recipe here for you: Recipe: 3-4 boneless skinless chicken breasts 4-6 tablespoons prepared pesto 1-2 roma tomatoes 1 cup … Continue reading Recipe Review – Italian Chicken Bake

Recipe Review: Chocolate Depression Cake

Original Recipe from Here. I recently moved, and as part of that move, I decided I wasn't going to buy any groceries, thus forcing myself to eat everything in my cabinet and get rid of some food. Brilliant idea in theory, right? Unfortunately for me, that meant I didn't have any eggs one night when … Continue reading Recipe Review: Chocolate Depression Cake

Recipe Review: Basic Homemade Bread

Original Recipe from Taste of Home. I've always wanted to make my own bread. This past week, I found a really cute speckled bread pan at Aldi and decided I was going to make my own bread. The opportunity presented itself on Monday, when both of my tutoring students cancelled on me and I had the … Continue reading Recipe Review: Basic Homemade Bread

Recipe Review: 5 Minute Mac & Cheese

Original Recipe from Buzzfeed Tasty I'll admit that I am always looking for ways to make things easier and faster, especially when it comes to cooking after a long day of work and school. I came across this recipe for 5 minute mac & cheese on a Buzzfeed Tasty post on Saturday, and thought I'd … Continue reading Recipe Review: 5 Minute Mac & Cheese

Recipe Review: White Chicken Chili

Original Recipe from The Healthy Meal Prep Cookbook by Toby Amidor, MS, RD, CDN. (Protip! If you go to the Amazon page, hit "Look Inside," type "White Chicken Chili" in the search box, and scroll in the results until you see p. 163, you can look at this recipe!) I bought this book a few weeks … Continue reading Recipe Review: White Chicken Chili

Recipe Review: Cloud Bread

Original Recipe from Buzzfeed Tasty. All right, y'all. I was browsing Instagram last week when I came across a video talking about this stuff called Cloud Bread. As anybody knows, I absolutely love bread, and the recipe only had three ingredients, so I was already all-in. I had everything except Cream of Tartar, so I grabbed … Continue reading Recipe Review: Cloud Bread