The word "vacation" means something different to me now than it did even just a few months ago. A few months ago, back before everything changed, the main "vacation" I was thinking about was my honeymoon. The original plan was to go to Iceland, as Steven has several acquaintances there (met, as all of our … Continue reading “Vacation”

A Response to Forbes’ Misinformed Library Article

We're taking a break from Recipe Review Wednesday to bring you this important news bulletin. I don't know if you keep up with the news or anything (trust me, there are many days where I wish I didn't read the news), but a few days ago Forbes published an op-ed by someone who claimed that … Continue reading A Response to Forbes’ Misinformed Library Article

My First Published Short Story!

Hello everyone! I have some incredibly exciting news for you today. My first published short story will be collected with an anthology published by Z Publishing House in August, in a collection called Alabama's Emerging Fiction Writers. You can preorder a copy of the book here! I want everyone to know that this is my very … Continue reading My First Published Short Story!

Daily Prompt: Noise

Have you ever read The Tell-Tale Heart, by Edgar Allan Poe? You know, the one where the guy kills his boss, hides the body under the floorboards, and then goes insane because he thinks he hears the beating of his boss's heart from underneath everything? I'm beginning to sympathize with him. Not because I've murdered anyone, … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Noise