Hello, August!

Wow! We're already eight months into the year, and honestly, I've got no idea how it's August already. August has always been an interesting month for me. It's my birthday month, for one, and it's the month that school has always started in. You've got everything from final back-to-school purchase rushes to figuring out what … Continue reading Hello, August!

ENG 590: “Jailbird”

Where has June gone? It's June 16th! I don't like this! I've somehow let the first half of June slip away from me without publishing any posts (only the ones that I had pre-scheduled to post, at least...). Y'all, I just don't know what to do. Anyway, we're here to talk about Vonnegut's novel Jailbird. I … Continue reading ENG 590: “Jailbird”

“Let’s Get Rid of the Humanities!”

This afternoon, I was sitting in my only class of the semester (The Vonnegut Aesthetic, which reminds me, I still have to write those Vonnegut posts...sigh), and my teacher brought up things that would make Kurt Vonnegut angry in the modern world. Vonnegut, if you didn't know, passed away in April 2007, so he missed … Continue reading “Let’s Get Rid of the Humanities!”

ENG 513: Persuasion

Here we are! The final ENG 513 novel: Persuasion. While I did get further in this one than I did in either Mansfield Park or Emma, I still didn't 100% this one. Why? I think I was just done with school at that point, and the book was not necessary for me to write my final paper, so … Continue reading ENG 513: Persuasion

Happy Halloween!

Okay, so I'm a day early on this. Sue me. However, tomorrow is a Top 5 Tuesday post, and I didn't want to delay it OR publish two posts on the same day, so I'm just wishing y'all a happy Halloween a little bit early. (Although if we're going by Australia or Japan, I guess … Continue reading Happy Halloween!

Creative Thesis Pre-Prospectus

As part of my thesis project, I have to write a prospectus detailing/outlining what my project is going to be about. In reality, this is going to be a 10-15 page paper that is incredibly an highly detailed. Last fall, as part of my ENG 500 class, I had to write a pre-prospectus that I … Continue reading Creative Thesis Pre-Prospectus

The 20th Annual Life Raft Debate

I've said this before and I'll say it again: the University of Montevallo has some of the best annual traditions, and my absolute favorite is the annual Life Raft Debate, which is held on Founder's Day, the second Thursday in October. This year was the 121st Founder's Day (as Montevallo was established in 1896) and … Continue reading The 20th Annual Life Raft Debate

Visiting My Sister in War Eagle Country

When you move to Alabama, there's a question you're asked before anyone even asks your name: "Auburn or Alabama?" When I moved here in eighth grade, I had no idea how to answer that question. I didn't even know what football really was, much less how much of a cult following college football had in the … Continue reading Visiting My Sister in War Eagle Country

ENG 513: Northanger Abbey

I'm back again with another Austen book to review. In the past two weeks, I've (mostly) read Northanger Abbey. Fun fact: this was the first book Austen wrote, but one of the last to get published. It was published posthumously in 1817, although it is speculated that it was written back in 1803. This is the … Continue reading ENG 513: Northanger Abbey

What is ENG 100?

I realize I've mentioned the fact that I'm teaching a class called ENG 100 this semester, but I've never taken the time to explain what it is. So here's a short little explanation (and a tick towards the "write at least 4 blog posts a week" goal that I've set for myself) so you can … Continue reading What is ENG 100?