That’s It!

I'm done. I finished my critical afterword for my thesis at 8:57 this morning, printed it, and put it into my nice file folder. It's all ready to turn in this afternoon. (I'm working through lunch and then leaving work early in order to get it to Montevallo before the English office closes at 5:00.) … Continue reading That’s It!

ENG 590: First Vonnegut Scholarship

You are free to skip this particular blog post, because I'm sure you didn't sign up to read critical/literary essays when you decided to follow this blog. However, if that's right up your alley, go ahead! If you've been following along, you'll know that my Vonnegut class required three Vonnegut scholarship essays, each of week … Continue reading ENG 590: First Vonnegut Scholarship

“A Room of Their Own, at Last” – ENG 575 Final Paper

This is a very short series I'm going to do (only three posts) featuring my final papers from my Spring 2017 semester of graduate school. This particular paper was written for a Gender & Sexuality class. I ended up receiving an 88% on this paper, and the reasons I was given an 88% are particularly … Continue reading “A Room of Their Own, at Last” – ENG 575 Final Paper