“Let’s Get Rid of the Humanities!”

This afternoon, I was sitting in my only class of the semester (The Vonnegut Aesthetic, which reminds me, I still have to write those Vonnegut posts...sigh), and my teacher brought up things that would make Kurt Vonnegut angry in the modern world. Vonnegut, if you didn't know, passed away in April 2007, so he missed … Continue reading “Let’s Get Rid of the Humanities!”

Rebuttal: Dating an English Major

We now return to our regularly-scheduled Random Friday posts, after three solid weeks of me posting my papers from last semester. I have mixed feelings about Thought Catalogue. Sometimes you can find some pretty thought-provoking articles there. And then there are articles like this. Thanks to Leslie over at A-Z Books, there's already been a … Continue reading Rebuttal: Dating an English Major