Top 5 Books for Slytherins

Welcome back to Top 5 Tuesday, where today we're going over the final Harry Potter themed T5T, featuring Slytherins! As always, T5T is hosted by Shanah @ Bionic Book Worm, who also gave us this handy definition of a Slytherin: They are ambitious, driven, goal focused, determined, prepared, perfectionists, adaptable, realistic, self reliant, charming, assertive, … Continue reading Top 5 Books for Slytherins

Top 5 Books that Need a Prequel

Welcome back to Top 5 Tuesday, hosted as always by Shanah @ Bionic Book Worm! This week's topic is 5 books that need a prequel. I know I've done a list at some point in time where I talked about books that didn't need a sequel (or am I imagining things?), so this one is especially … Continue reading Top 5 Books that Need a Prequel

The Fall Book Tag!

I'm sure if you've been following along, you've seen me do Top 5 Tuesdays with the categories Shanah @ Bionic Book Worm creates. This time, Shanah's created her own book tag (!!!) and I've decided to do my first-ever book tag and play along wth everyone else. (Who knows? Maybe I'll like these.) While Shanah says everything's … Continue reading The Fall Book Tag!