The Hardest Thing About Being a COVID Bride

Back in March, when this whole thing started up, I assumed everything would be back to normal by May, maybe June at the absolute latest. I assumed people would follow guidelines and had no idea that a global pandemic could become a political issue state-side. I felt bad for the April and May brides who … Continue reading The Hardest Thing About Being a COVID Bride

Six Months of Working From Home

Today marks the twenty-sixth week of Work from Home for me, and I still can't believe it's been this long. When we got the notification on March 22 (Sunday night) that we would be transitioning to WFH the next day, I assumed it wouldn't be for very long. I'd even left things at my office … Continue reading Six Months of Working From Home


The word "vacation" means something different to me now than it did even just a few months ago. A few months ago, back before everything changed, the main "vacation" I was thinking about was my honeymoon. The original plan was to go to Iceland, as Steven has several acquaintances there (met, as all of our … Continue reading “Vacation”