College Life: What You Won’t Find on Dorm Recommendation Lists

This August marks five years since I first moved into my freshman dorm, just over a year since I moved into my first apartment, and just under three months since I've settled into my second apartment. During the four years I spent in the dorms, I learned a lot about things I loved that I … Continue reading College Life: What You Won’t Find on Dorm Recommendation Lists

College Life: Dorm Thrifts

Welcome back! Last week, I talked about some things that you should certainly splurge on when you're putting together your dorm room. This week, I'm gonna talk about some things that you can watch your wallet on, because they're either on sale a lot or you don't need the quality that you think you need. … Continue reading College Life: Dorm Thrifts

College Life: Dorm Splurges

I can hear it now. "Wait, Lauren! It's only July!" you cry, snarling your fingers through your hair. "It's not time to think about back-to-school stuff!" Well, too bad. Wal-Mart already has their school supply aisles up and running, and there's no time like the present to get started on dorm packing. I lived in … Continue reading College Life: Dorm Splurges

Let’s Talk About Thriftbooks

If you're anything like me, you enjoy reading books. A lot. So much so that you have books spilling out of every corner of your room and your bookshelves are constantly overflowing. As soon as you buy a new shelf, it's full, too, so you're back to stacking books on the floor. If you're also … Continue reading Let’s Talk About Thriftbooks