Recipe Review: (Grilled) Tequila Chicken

The original recipe is from The Official John Wayne Way to Grill cookbook, which I bought for my father as a birthday present several years ago. If you're looking for the recipe, simply follow the Amazon link and click "Look Inside" and search for the Grilled Tequila Chicken recipe. I'll be adding an image to … Continue reading Recipe Review: (Grilled) Tequila Chicken

Recipe Review: White Chicken Chili

Original Recipe from The Healthy Meal Prep Cookbook by Toby Amidor, MS, RD, CDN. (Protip! If you go to the Amazon page, hit "Look Inside," type "White Chicken Chili" in the search box, and scroll in the results until you see p. 163, you can look at this recipe!) I bought this book a few weeks … Continue reading Recipe Review: White Chicken Chili

Recipe Review: Mamaw Charlotte’s Chicken Stew

I know it's been quite a while since I posted a recipe here, and even though I've said that I was going to start being more active again, one way or another, things have gotten in the way. I'll try and have a big update thing on Saturday (if I remember!), but for now, let's … Continue reading Recipe Review: Mamaw Charlotte’s Chicken Stew

Recipe Review: “Hamburger Spanish Rice”

Original Recipe: Taste of Home Best Loved Recipes: 1485 Favorites from the World?s #1 Food & Entertaining Magazine I'm always up for trying something cheap. Luckily for me, this "cheap" thing also happened to be very delicious. I was flipping through my new-to-me-but-not-really cookbook (a replacement for one my ex never returned, bought from ThriftBooks last … Continue reading Recipe Review: “Hamburger Spanish Rice”