Gaming While Female

I know, I know, I've been slacking a little. Thank you for waiting for me, though! I'm going to be honest with you -- today's topic is something I've been stewing on for a few days. Namely, it's something I've been stewing on since Sunday afternoon at my latest X-Wing tournament. Now, I want to … Continue reading Gaming While Female

Another Trip to Atlanta?

Yes, you read that right! I took yet another trip to Atlanta this weekend for -- you guessed it -- another X-Wing Miniatures tournament! This time, it was the Giga-Bytes Cafe Store Championship. Steven & I added another person to our car for this trip, Joel Killingsworth, who runs the Birmingham Barons Podcast with Steven … Continue reading Another Trip to Atlanta?

2018 Excelsior Store Championship

Good afternoon, everyone! Please forgive any formatting issues with this one, as I am writing on my phone, still at the championship and watching the semifinals match. Speaking of which, check out the live stream here! Today was a fun day. I ended up going 2-3, which was slightly worse than my goal for the … Continue reading 2018 Excelsior Store Championship

X-Wing Regional @ Giga-Bytes Cafe

This past weekend, I went to a regional tournament for this little tabletop game I play called X-Wing. As Steven puts it, you push little plastic spaceships around an oversized mousepad for an hour until one of you loses more ships than the other. This is going to be a (probably not quick) write-up of … Continue reading X-Wing Regional @ Giga-Bytes Cafe