The Frozen Book Tag

Although maybe I should have waited until Frozen 2 came out later this year, I decided I had to do this tag after stumbling across it in the WordPress Reader. I found it on Never Not Reading, and since I relate really closely to Elsa (minus the whole "cold never bothered me anyway" thing, because I am … Continue reading The Frozen Book Tag

The Seven Deadly Sins Tag

Thanks to Thrice Read for this one! I'd been struggling with finding a book tag for this week (look at me, posting four days in a row!) and this one just fell into my lap yesterday. Here we go! GREED: What is The Most Expensive Book You Own? Whuff. Do textbooks count? I've got several textbooks … Continue reading The Seven Deadly Sins Tag

The Unpopular Opinion Book Tag

Hey there! You might have noticed that I've changed my blog style. I decided I wanted to overhaul a few things during my lunch break, and as such, I don't have access to any sort of computer program to fix the graphics/dividers that I've got going on right now, so if you'll give me a … Continue reading The Unpopular Opinion Book Tag