Recipe Review: Lembas Bread

Hold on to your hats, dear readers, because I'm about to reveal centuries-old Elvish (Elven?) secrets to you. Well, one at least: how to make Lembas Bread. Lembas Bread, if you're a reader (or watcher, I don't judge) of Lord of the Rings, is the Elvish equivalent of hardtack (also known as cram in the LOTR-verse), except … Continue reading Recipe Review: Lembas Bread

Top 5 Favorite Book Covers

How dare you, Shanah! How dare you make me pick only 5 of my top favorite book covers for this week's meme! Here we go, y'all, be strap in and be prepared for a wild ride. I have this terrible feeling that I'm going to forget some book halfway through, and continue to come back … Continue reading Top 5 Favorite Book Covers