Four Year Blog-a-versary!

Technically, the four-year mark is tomorrow, April 27, but since I've got a Top Ten Tuesday post scheduled for tomorrow, I figured talking about things a day early wouldn't be too bad. But wow - four years! I can't believe I've been doing this for four entire years. I've gone back and looked at some … Continue reading Four Year Blog-a-versary!

Quarantine: Week Thirty-Two

We're at Week Thirty-Two of working from home, and I found out on Friday that we're starting the return-to-work phases next month, and I might be back in the office by December (on a week on, week off rotation). But let's talk about what's going on currently here: Reading It's been another week of picking … Continue reading Quarantine: Week Thirty-Two

Quarantine: Week Thirty

Thirty Weeks. Two hundred and ten days of me sitting at my desk in my home office instead of commuting downtown to sit at a desk in a bigger office. It still blows my mind that it's been this long, and that we're not currently looking at going back into the office until probably January. … Continue reading Quarantine: Week Thirty


The word "vacation" means something different to me now than it did even just a few months ago. A few months ago, back before everything changed, the main "vacation" I was thinking about was my honeymoon. The original plan was to go to Iceland, as Steven has several acquaintances there (met, as all of our … Continue reading “Vacation”

We’ve Set a Date!

Okay, so that's a title usually reserved for when someone gets engaged. I, however, am using it to announce the fact that I've set a date for my thesis defense! My schedule is currently as follows: September 14: Turn in draft of Critical Introduction September 21: Second adviser meeting & turn in revisions of 90+ … Continue reading We’ve Set a Date!

Book Review: “The Half-Known World” by Robert Boswell

Whoops. I know this was sudden, because I just posted the First Impression Friday topic on this book a few days ago, but to be honest, that was written a few weeks ago when I actually started the book. Now we stand here, with me scratching my head and attempting to figure out how I … Continue reading Book Review: “The Half-Known World” by Robert Boswell

First Impression Friday: “The Half-Known World” by Robert Boswell

This is my way to attempt to make finishing up my thesis reading list "fun." Originally, I had myself scheduled to finish all of my thesis reading by the end of May. And yet, here we are on June 15, and I'm only two books into my twelve book list. I know that I'll be … Continue reading First Impression Friday: “The Half-Known World” by Robert Boswell