As someone who holds an MA in English, with goals of one day being published, getting my name out there in any way possible is the goal right now.

This is a list of all the places I’ve been published so far, with (hopefully) many more to follow.


Remembering Slavery in Alabama: A Collection of Slave Narratives from the Works Progress Administration Writer’s Project, Private Publication

For one of the classes in my final year of my undergraduate, my professor brought up the WPA’s collection of slave narratives, and we were assigned the task of editing and “cleaning up” the narrative, along with writing a critical introduction to each of the narratives. It was a difficult task, because the majority of the works were written in slave vernacular, and my professor said we had to be very cautious not to seem like we were white-washing these bits of history. This was published just locally, and I think the only physical copies were put in the university library and the hands of the students who worked on it.

“Darkest After Dawn,” Alabama’s Emerging Fiction Writers, Z Publishing House

I was contacted by Z Publishing House after they saw my piece in Montevallo’s The Tower literary magazine, and they asked me to submit another one of my short stories to their publication. I received the notice on March 18, 2018 that I would be published in their newest fiction collection. I submitted my story, “Darkest After Dawn,” which is the story of a young pirate ghost trying to reconcile his dark past with the current future of one of his best (earthly) friends passing away.

“Coffee,” America’s Emerging Young Adult Fiction Writers: The Deep South, Z Publishing House

I was contacted again in early 2019 about submitting another story to Z Publishing House, and so I chose a story I’ve always been quite proud of, “Coffee.” I wrote it originally for a creative writing class my sophomore year of college, but I have always wanted to go back and tweak it a little more. And so I did, and it got accepted. I then proceeded to absolutely blow any chance of me getting published with them again because they dropped off the face of the planet, would not respond to any Facebook messages or posts, and all emails bounced back, and my credit card company issued a charge-back once the supposed arrival date had long since passed. They were very angry with me and responded to my message within 6 hours of the chargeback being initiated, so I doubt I’ll ever get published again. I know that this particular house is more “vanity publishing” than actually getting published, but it still felt good to see my name in print, you know?

Literary Journals

“Wishing Well,” The Tower, University of Montevallo

This is a short story I wrote one day after scribbling the words “Dead girl at the bottom of a well grants wishes” on a notepad next to my bed in the middle of the night. This is the short story that grabbed the attention of Z Publishing House, and they asked me to submit another one of my stories for publication through them.

“To Sustainability and Beyond,” Green Falcon Magazine, University of Montevallo

This is a short article I wrote for my Introduction to Mass Communications class in the fall of 2016. We had to write three articles over the course of the semester, and then the professor gathered them all and published them in an online magazine which was then sent out to the entire UM community. I wrote about the James Wylie Shepherd Observatory, which is very nearly self-sustaining and is a constant work in progress.


“Tinglewood Carvings,” Atlas Obscura

Atlas Obscura is a wiki-type platform that allows you to add obscure places around the world for people to visit. I have been working on contributing various places to the Atlas, and the Tinglewood Carvings in Orr Park were my first published place in the Atlas.

News Articles

Hoover Sun Articles

Homewood Star Articles

280Living Articles

Vestavia Voice Articles

Village Living Articles

Iron City Ink Articles

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