Things They Don’t Tell You About Changing Your Name

I finally got my name legally changed this past week (I sent in my paperwork to the Social Security office on May 3rd and got my new SS card back on June 14th), and ever since then I just keep coming across new things that I have to change my name on. Changing your name … Continue reading Things They Don’t Tell You About Changing Your Name

COVID-19 Wedding Prep

I had spent hours and hours stressing over every aspect of wedding planning, and then the pandemic hit and threw every plan out the window. In the beginning, I wasn't too concerned. It was March, I assumed people would be smart, and the whole thing would probably be over by June or July (looking at … Continue reading COVID-19 Wedding Prep

Wedding Wednesday: Boutonnieres & Corsages

While the centerpieces and the bouquets were always my major goals for my paper flowers, I also ended up making the boutonnieres and the corsages out of paper as well! These were a little more complicated (especially the corsages!), but I think everything turned out well. Boutonnieres For the boutonnieres, I had Steven ask each … Continue reading Wedding Wednesday: Boutonnieres & Corsages

There’s an RSVP Deadline for a Reason, Dangit

As I write this, we are exactly one month away from our wedding (it's beginning to feel so real!). I have learned SO MUCH about wedding planning (or just event planning) that I never knew, and I learned even more about wedding planning that I never WANTED to know (aka, what a COVID backup plan … Continue reading There’s an RSVP Deadline for a Reason, Dangit

The Hardest Thing About Being a COVID Bride

Back in March, when this whole thing started up, I assumed everything would be back to normal by May, maybe June at the absolute latest. I assumed people would follow guidelines and had no idea that a global pandemic could become a political issue state-side. I felt bad for the April and May brides who … Continue reading The Hardest Thing About Being a COVID Bride

Wedding Wednesday: Paper Flower Budget Breakdown

Good morning, and welcome back to another post where I talk about the obscene number of paper flowers I have made so far! I've posted several pictures of my work in progress flowers in the past, and you can hit up previous Wedding Wednesday posts for additional images! So far, I've made 519 individual flowers, which includes … Continue reading Wedding Wednesday: Paper Flower Budget Breakdown

Wedding Wednesday: Centerpieces are Done!

...and I have only seven paper flowers left to make: the boutonnieres for him, the groomsmen, and our dads. However, I have finished all of the other flowers: the centerpieces, the bridesmaids bouquets, and my bouquet. Please ignore the mess on the left side of the table. My Maid of Honor came over on August … Continue reading Wedding Wednesday: Centerpieces are Done!

Wedding Budget Breakdown: Paper Flowers

Welcome back to Wedding Wednesday! I've posted several pictures of my work in progress flowers in the past, and so far, I've made 400 individual flowers. I've also tied up 11 of the centerpieces (see those to the left). I have finished the book page flowers for the other 4 centerpieces and am working on … Continue reading Wedding Budget Breakdown: Paper Flowers

Wedding Wednesday: Wedding Cake

Who knew that picking out cake would be so stressful? Back when I first got engaged, I probably spent like 10 hours looking at various wedding bakeries etc., online, and finding that literally every single one of them was so far out of what I thought that a cake should cost that I gave up. … Continue reading Wedding Wednesday: Wedding Cake